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Un-Family Friendly Cities Part 2: Pride Parades – Nudity Abounds

By Donna Miller, Contributing Writer

[Warning: Some content may be considered offensive and not appropriate for children.]

Since pedophiles use desensitizing children to nudity as a common grooming tool for future abuse, it’s important to alert parents to potential public nudity events.

“Go Topless Day” featuring Asheville, North Carolina, was Part 1 of our Un-Family Friendly Cities series, and chronicled a movement springing up around the world advocating equal rights for women to go topless in public. Part 2 addresses “Pride” parades since many cities have their parades scheduled in the fall through November.

If you have a misguided moment, and think you and your family might want to support someone that is homosexual by attending a “pride” parade, you may experience unrestrained pagan, atheist hedonism more than “pride.”

Here is a sampling of reports from various summer 2011 parades:

Boston – Simulated Anal Sex on Floats

‘Gay Pride Week’ (a 10-day event) included, “block parties, festivals, and parades celebrating every kind of homosexuality activity imaginable,” according to Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance.org. Camenker photographed two males on an official float who were simulating or committing actual anal sex.

Minneapolis – Episcopal Lesbians for Peace and Nudity

This lesbian group who promotes nudity marched in the Minneapolis gay parade, according to A.V. Club.

New York City – Jockstraps Only

The AP reports seeing men who were wearing jockstraps only.

San Francisco – “Share of Nudity”

San Francisco Chronicle reported the Bay Area parade had “its share of nudity and dog collars.” One man wore only blue paint; another man “carried a whip as he marched with a contingent heavily outfitted in leather.” [Author note: Dog collars and whips are a part of the sadomasochism leather bondage fetish group that indulges in beating and torturing their consensual partner.]

Seattle – Group of Naked Men

Moviecitynews.com reports, “A group of naked men clad only in body paint and body hair. . .”

Mainstream media excuses most of the nude exhibitionism with lukewarm phrases like “more than a little nudity” or some such tepid response to this bizarre, pornographic, perverted behavior.

Indecency and public pornography are now being celebrated up to 10 days in some cities. Small children are pictured in most of these parades. Apparently, these adults are oblivious to the harm to a child’s innocence when exposing them to nudity. Let’s pray that one of their friends indulging in nude behavior is not a closet pedophile.

Look for Part 3: Naked Bike Rides and Nudity Progression