UP Faith & Family’s HEARTLAND: Dare To Dream Episode Shows the Value in Respecting Others

UP Faith & Family’s HEARTLAND: Dare To Dream Episode Shows the Value in Respecting Others

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Below is a portion of the review from HEARTLAND: Dare To Dream, which is nominated for THE GENESIS AWARD FOR BEST MOVIE OR TELEVISION.

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HEARTLAND is a heartwarming series about a four-generation ranch family in Alberta, Canada. In “Dare to Dream,” the Season 12 premiere, several family members must take a risk, leave their comfort zones and pursue more fulfilling lives. While each one pursues their respective destinies, they can count on the encouragement and support of their family to help them. With consistent great writing by Heather Conkie, and excellent filming with stunning scenery of the Canadian plains and mountains, the viewer is fully engrossed in the individual character growth along with the overall warmth and genuine supportive family environment in HEARTLAND.

As their new life with a baby becomes the norm, Amy is unfulfilled because she feels she’s left alone with all the responsibilities. Amy feels cut off and taken for granted as she struggles to make her feelings known to Ty. Amy claims Ty’s life hasn’t changed at all and asks him to share the duties so she can have a fulfilling career. Ty’s long hours at the clinic also take a toll on their relationship. Will Ty listen and work to become the partner he once was to Amy?

Meanwhile, Amy’s older sister, Lou, comes across a great opportunity to sell her business in New York and return to her ranch life and family full time. She senses things are heating up with Mitch when he seems eager to meet with her over coffee. Can Lou return to a life with Mitch, or are hopes in vain?

Tim makes some serious life decisions without his family knowing. He races off to seek Casey’s hand in marriage. Love is certainly in the air at Heartland, but is it enough for marriage?

Georgie, the lovely and talented horse jumper, is selected to be featured in a major Equestrian Magazine. Both Aunt Amy and her mother, Lou, encourage Georgie to take the opportunity to shine. Georgie has some post-traumatic stress from online bullying and would prefer to stay out of the public eye.

While Grandpa Jack and Lisa work well together when they take care of Lindy for Amy and Ty, they decide to take some time to focus on each other and take an extended trip together. Lisa has some extended family intrusions that may threaten their time together, however. So, they must balance their extended family obligations while they keep their main attention on each other.

HEARTLAND hits the mark every time as the viewer is charmed by each character’s growth as well as their irreplaceable role in the family. Majestic scenery, stunning horse shots and good acting, along with a strong moral worldview, make this episode a winner for the whole family.

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