What Candace Cameron Bure Can Teach Us About Spiritual and Physical Wellness

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What Candace Cameron Bure Can Teach Us About Spiritual and Physical Wellness

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

Seasoned Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure can teach us a lot about physical and spiritual wellness because of her commitment to church, the Word and physical exercise.

“My spiritual life is a huge part of my life that keeps me grounded and focused as well. But I need that physical part to be able to balance everything I’m doing because it is stressful,” Candace said.

There’s no question that Candace is committed to the Lord. The Gospel radically changed her life for the better when she was a young adult.

At a Liberty University convocation, Candace mentioned the power the Gospel had in her early Christian life.

“When the Gospel message was presented to me in a way that held my goodness up against the law of God’s goodness, I saw for the first time that I didn’t even come close to being able to achieve what God considers goodness,” the actress said.

Candace and her husband, ex-NHL hockey player Valeri Bure, make church attendance a priority when she’s not filming FULLER HOUSE or one of her many movie projects for Hallmark Channel.


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Her church involvement even spurred her son, Lev, to become active in the community. Earlier this year, he preached a sermon on 1 Timothy 4:12.

Candace is also no stranger to reading scripture aloud on her Instagram.

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Fans of Candace will also remember her run on DANCING WITH THE STARS.

Still, the actress puts her physical wellness as a priority in her day to day life.

“Health and fitness have always been a big part of my life… especially growing up in front of the cameras,” she tells Livestrong.com

Now, 43 years old, Candace mentions she hit her stride for working out as she aged.

“What changed is I found my enjoyment for health and fitness, probably when I hit my thirties.

…And, it also doesn’t hurt to be married to a professional athlete,” she said.

What’s her favorite way to exercise you might ask?

“I love strength training,” she says.

However, the focus on fitness for the Bures isn’t entirely new.

“We have always modeled in our house, healthy eating and exercise…and [Val and I] are like, ‘if you want to eat the junk food, eat it, but go exercise.”

Candace adds, “I feel more indestructible in my forties than I did in my 20s.”

Candace often posts her workouts on her Instagram to motivate fans and followers to live a more active lifestyle.

Candace highlights the common ground between both physical and spiritual wellness.

Thank you for setting such a noteworthy example, Candace! How are you committed to your spiritual and physical wellness this summer?