What College Students Really Want

By Diana Anderson and Tom Snyder

The annual Almanac of the Chronicle of Higher Education reports that undergraduate enrollment increased by 38 percent from 1999 to 2009, passing 20 million for the first time in 2009. As this number continues to climb, so too do students’ expectations.


The Higher Education Research Institute found that 75 percent of college freshmen – at least 3.75 million young Americans – are “searching for meaning and purpose in life” at the outset of their college careers.

This yearning is not surprising to the folks at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, which recently reported that, over the past five years, the number of students who’ve come to know Jesus Christ as Lord through InterVarsity has increased by 30 percent.

According to its website, InterVarsity is “an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide.” They endeavor to help students close their “search for meaning” by sharing with them the Good News of Jesus Christ.

“Most of our 866 InterVarsity chapters across the country are engaged in a variety of new student outreach activities at the beginning of the fall semester, in order to meet incoming students,” InterVarsity President Alec Hill says.

InterVarsity activities include community tours, dorm move-in assistance, social mixers, and evangelistic outreaches that encourage the development of genuine, meaningful relationships, conversations, and communities that contain Christ at their centers.

The type of college student InterVarsity and other Christian groups, such as Campus Crusade for Christ, reach is clearly an untapped resource for Christian filmmakers and other entertainment industry leaders. After all, if three-quarters of college freshmen are seeking “meaning and purpose in life,” then isn’t it clear that movies, television programs, video games, Internet sites, and music with morally and spiritually uplifting values will appeal to most college students?

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InterVarsity is one of the founding members of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, which has member groups and affiliates in over 150 countries.

– Source:  ASSIST News Service, 09/06/11.