Why ABOMINABLE Voice Actor Puts “Family Before Everything”

Photo Courtesy of Tenzig Norgay Trainor on Instagram

Why ABOMINABLE Voice Actor Puts “Family Before Everything”

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor 

Tenzig Norgay Trainor voices the character of Jin in DreamWorks’ new movie ABOMINABLE. The movie showcases a plethora of family values that resonate with Trainor personally because of how his parents raised him.

“Family means a lot to me. I always put family before everything,” said the teenage actor while doing press for his first animated project.

“That’s the way that I was taught and the way I was raised by my parents,” he added.


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Trainor shared a touching story about his mother’s devotion to family that he got to see firsthand. “I know in my mom’s in my mom’s culture, that family means a lot. Because I know specifically [because of] my grandparents on my dad’s side. They went through a rough patch where they were in the hospital and my mom was always [in the hospital].”

Trainor went on about his mother, “My dad was there to sleep, but it’s not even [my mom’s] parents.  She made sure that she was always there. She was always taking care of them.”

Humbled by his mother’s example, Trainor concluded the story, “It just it just goes to show, you know how important family is to a person even if they’re not directly related.”

Trainor appreciated the process for getting to know his character better, “I was able to just be myself,” he said referring to ABOMINABLE’s leadership under Jill Culton. “We try to make show that a Chinese family is no different than American family or any other family.”

Younger audiences might recognize Trainor from his days on Disney Channel’s LIV AND MADDIE or JESSIE. Like many of his younger peers, technology holds a huge part of Trainor’s attention and his character’s Jin. The actor said, “I’m not scared or afraid to admit that I definitely am addicted to my phone sometimes… I think I got my first phone in third grade.

Nevertheless, Trainor acknowledged that it’s a great change of pace to get outside and connect with nature and others, just like his character has to learn to do in the movie.

Trainor wants his peers to know that, “The importance of family, perseverance, and never giv[ing] up,” are key takeaways from ABOMINABLE.


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ABOMINABLE roars into theaters on September 27, 2019. Make sure to read our full review  here.