Cardinals Pitcher Makes Prayer a Priority: ‘More Conversations With God’

Photo from Kyle Gibson’s Instagram

Cardinals Pitcher Makes Prayer a Priority: ‘More Conversations With God’

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Kyle Gibson, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, joined the “Sports Spectrum” podcast to discuss his life as a follower of Christ and how much of a difference prayer makes.

“My prayer life changed dramatically when I realized that I need to have more conversations with God,” he began.

“And I realized that when I’m driving to the park if I have that 20 minutes, let’s spend a few minutes in prayer here,” Gibson continued. “You know, maybe it’s just praying about a family need and really laying it out there, or maybe it’s saying, ‘Hey, you know, I got a group of people coming to the field today, God. Please prepare me and speak through me for this.'”

“When I started changing how I looked at my prayer life, I started losing some of the shame and some of the guilt from not reading [the Bible] as much,” he added. “Which I don’t want it to be a bandaid and an excuse, but it really helped me understand that there are a lot of ways to do this, and it looks a lot different, but I’m a lot better at that.”

Gibson was drafted in the first round of the 2009 MLB Draft by the Minnesota Twins organization and made his Major League debut four years later.

Per Sports Spectrum, “In 2020, he signed with the Texas Rangers, and in 2021 made the American League All-Star team. After being traded to the Philadelphia Phillies, he was a member of the 2022 National League champions and pitched in the World Series. Last year with the Baltimore Orioles, he notched a career-high 15 wins and helped the team to 101 victories and the AL East championship. Then in November 2023, he signed a one-year contract with the Cardinals for the 2024 season.”

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Gibson also uses his influence to give back to the community.

In an Instagram video, the athlete helped prepare food for people in need.

“This year w/ @bigleagueimpact we have launched our league wide project, Mission 3:18. With this project, we have a service opportunity in almost all MLB cities set up & ready for any MLB player who wants to go & serve while at home or even on the road,” Gibson wrote.

“Yesterday w/ @cityofrefugeatl we had a blast serving lunches to a lot of people in need & to those working to help people in need,” he continued. “Ryan was even helping Miss Kay from start to finish on the fried chicken!! Thank you COR for letting us come in & learn more about your mission!”

Gibson takes his faith with him to the field. He previously told THE 700 CLUB he listens to worship music to make sure ” my heart’s in the right spot.”

“I always feel like that ] circle out there, it’s not who I am. It’s just part of what I’m here to do,” he added. “And I’m gonna face a lot of situations throughout the game that if my heart’s not in the right spot, the decision I make is probably gonna be a bad decision.”

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