Why John Schneider’s New Album Is All About Grace

Photo courtesy of Spotify.

Why John Schneider’s New Album Is All About Grace

By Jessie McGriff, Contributing Writer   

Christian singer and actor John Schneider felt God convict him about Grace while recoding his latest album. Schneider recorded the album, “Recycling Grace” when he was still struggling with his five-year long divorce.

The album is about about the fact that “we’ve all been given grace, God gives us grace. It’s free!” Schneider said. “We don’t earn it, we don’t deserve it, there’s nothing we’ve done for it but if you’re anything like me, you’re an idiot, and you throw it away,” he explained in acknowledging the God hates divorce.

Schneider continued to share to Christian Post:

“One of the great things about God is He doesn’t take it away. He’s like, ‘Well, OK, it’s still there when you need it.’ So we keep going back to it time and time again and it never diminishes. There’s not any less grace, there’s not any more grace, there’s not any better grace, there’s not any worse. Grace is always there for us; that gives me great peace.”

Schneider’s album was released on September 15, 2019. He believes the album came about at just the right time and that God had his hand on the project.

Schneider recently married Alicia Allian.

In spite of all the trials he’s faced, Schneider believes God is present his life and he wants to keep on spreading the gospel through music.

Schneider recently wrapped his latest faith-based movie with Denise Richards. Read more here.