Why Kirk Cameron Is So Passionate About Adoption

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Why Kirk Cameron Is So Passionate About Adoption

By Movieguide® Contributor

Kirk Cameron’s new movie LIFEMARK portrays the powerful story of adoption,  and the father of six reveals why this movie was so near and dear to his heart. 

“Think about this. My wife was one doctor appointment away from not existing,”  Cameron said. “And our four children were also this close to not existing. And if  my wife hadn’t been born, neither would our two natural-born children.” 

His wife Chelsea Noble who he met while working on GROWING PAINS, was adopted herself, and that was a major factor in choosing to adopt four of their six  children as he mentioned previously.  

“Chelsea and I waited six years before we started having kids and we got talking  about how it what that might look like. Chelsea and I started talking about the  subject of adoption. And this came up pretty naturally because my wife Chelsea is  an adopted child,” he explained. “And so this was something that was always a  part of her life and something that she’s always wanted to do.” 

Adoption was one of the issues that drew the actor to be one of the executive  producers and star in LIFEMARK. The movie is based on the true story of Melissa  Coles who chose adoption over abortion for her son David and her attempt to reunite with him as a teenager. 

“My kids and my wife have so many heartstrings attached to the storyline of this  film and the subject matter, because not only were they adopted, but two of my  children have actually reached out and contacted their biological mothers and  become familiar with the background of their own story,” he recently told Movieguide ®. 

Cameron goes on to say, “There’s so many moments where it’s obvious that God  has woven their story together in such a beautiful way that I know this movie is  going to impact them pretty greatly, as well as millions of people around the  country who have been touched by the subject of abortion or adoption.”

Movieguide® gave LIFEMARK high ratings for its production values as well as for  its moral content and life-affirming message: 

LIFEMARK is a well-made, heartwarming, inspiring movie produced by the Kendrick Brothers and Kirk Cameron, who also stars. The movie is solid  throughout, with a positive Christian worldview. The movie promotes  relying on God, believing God’s plan, forgiveness, and loving others. There’s  also a beautiful pro-life message about adoption, giving life and the value of  life.

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