Why Lauren Daigle’s Newest Album is Her Most Vulnerable Yet

Photo from Lauren Daigle’s Instagram

Why Lauren Daigle’s Newest Album is Her Most Vulnerable Yet

By Movieguide® Contributor

Lauren Daigle recently released the deluxe version of her self-titled album “Lauren Daigle,” and while it’s her first album that isn’t purely worship, she says it’s most vulnerable project she’s ever released.

“I felt like there was this freedom that really came out throughout the writing process,” Daigle told the Des Moines Register. “Did this record feel vulnerable? Did I feel vulnerable sharing it? It wasn’t the intimidating vulnerability, because there’s that type of vulnerability. It was more like, ‘Oh, finally there’s freedom. I can share with the world more pieces of who I am.’ There’s a delight in that.”

By moving away from the genre that launched Daigle into popularity, she could address issues like mental health, which she would otherwise have struggled to tackle. 

As Movieguide® reported, the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on Daigle’s mental health, and she “began having anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.”

However, one of the most popular songs on the album, “Be Okay,” was a direct result of this newfound freedom to describe personal struggles.

“’Be Okay’ is one that is really resonating [with fans]. A lot of people have reached out about that song,” she said. “From what I heard from the management side of things, they check the ratings of which songs are testing the best and things like that and ‘Be Okay’ is one. And I’m so glad because that song, I was able to write that with the beautiful Ellie Holcomb.”

“We were actually in Southern California, outside of Newport, when we wrote this song. On the way flying over, Ellie received an email from a little girl who was going through it. She was in her last years with a terminal illness and it had gotten pretty much the end and she was asking Ellie all these questions about life and death and what does this look like,” Daigle continued. 

“And if you’ve never been in that scenario, if you’ve never faced the process of dying, then it’s really questions you can’t answer,” she explained. “Ellie wrote the majority of it… she just said, ‘I just want to let this girl know that when it’s all said and done, everything is going to be OK.’ And that was the origin of how the song started. We were able to send if over to her.”

“It’s just been really beautiful to see how people have latched on to that song,” she added.

However, despite the freedom Daigle found in the album, this project has some fans criticizing the singer. Because it leaves the worship genre, some fans are questioning if Daigle’s faith is important to her anymore.

“It is tough. I’m not someone who is completely soulless. Whenever you find yourself facing criticism, especially for the thing you love the most, it’s really hard not to defend your reputation or defend who you are,” she said. “It’s also really hard not to take things personally when it is an actual personal attack toward your character.”

In fact, the singer wants “the kindness of God to come in” when people listen to the album.

“I want them to feel that in the room, when they walk in, when they hear or when they’re playing it over the speakers, like when they’re listening to the radio when they’re listening to the album CD, whatever. Yeah, just the impartation of God in every moment,” Daigle told Lauree Austin on K-Love’s podcast.

Movieguide® previously reported:

After the COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions, the need for connection with other people and God inspired Lauren Daigle’s new self-titled album.

For example, the idea for the song “These Are The Days” came after her manager told her that she would get to perform her first concert since the pandemic ended.

“And I said, ‘Well, I’m gonna have to have new music in order for that to happen. I gotta get on with it. And I’m gonna write a song specifically for that show. Because it was the first call that we had gotten out of the pandemic,” Daigle told Zane Lowe in an Apple Music interview.

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