Why Neal McDonough Wants to Create More Family-Friendly Entertainment That Glorifies God

Photo courtesy of Neal McDonough via Instagram

Why Neal McDonough Wants to Create More Family-Friendly Entertainment That Glorifies God

By Movieguide® Contributor

BAND OF BROTHERS and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER actor Neal McDonough now wants to portray roles that are more family-friendly and that glorify God.  

McDonough is set to portray roles in Angel Studios film THE SHIFT and HOMESTEAD which is from the best-selling book series Black Autumn.  

At the Illuminate event hosted by Angel Studios, McDonough stated, “What you are doing is creating a place where our families can watch television and films for years to come knowing that it’s for God’s glory.” 

He gave much praise to Angel Studios for their boldness to fill a void in the entertainment industry for families.  

“We have five kids, Ruve and I,” McDonough expressed. “How many times do you get to turn on any network or any streaming service and have zero fear about what your kids are about to see? That’s Angel, and that’s because of you guys.”  

“We’re going to be here for a long time making great stuff for you all,” he added. 

Ruve, McDonough’s wife is also a producer. McDonough stated, “We’re going to be here for a long time making great stuff for you all.  

Ruve and McDonough are a couple known for being more family oriented. That’s something McDonough takes great pride in partly because it is important to have the right priorities in place for a marriage to work.  

McDonough told Christian Headlines “I always say I can go through life with one hand tied behind my back as long as the other hand is being held in front and led by Ruve’s hand. So it’s God first, me second – family first, me second. And that puts everything into perspective. And it’s working for us.”  

Ruve added, “Neal and I are very, very blessed.” 

Movieguide® recently reported on Neal McDonough’s faith journey:  

YELLOWSTONE star Neal McDonough recently talked about his latest project, a movie titled LEFT BEHIND: RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST.  

The movie, directed by Kevin Sorbo, tells the story of what life might look like after the biblical rapture.   

McDonough plays Jonathan Stonagal, a wealthy and influential man, and said it was a “blessing” to be part of the cast.   

“It’s nice to tap into people who are the big decision makers on this planet, and how these people get to power, and how they, at times, use their power for good,” he continued. “And, at times, some of them use their power for obviously malicious intent and … their own betterment.” 

He also explained how putting characters like Jonathan in the spotlight can serve as a warning to those who are leading their lives “just for themselves.” 

“I think these kinds of tales are so well received by so many people, because it talks about real life,” McDonough shared. “You know, there’s the obvious massive scale that this film touches upon but, for me, it’s always the minutiae of the characters. And the characters in this piece are really well-crafted.”  

The actor also talked about his long and successful career in Hollywood, as well as all the happiness he has found in his life.  

“God has given me so much and has blessed me with so much that it’s nice to play characters like this that take me out of me for a moment and [I] realize, ‘Holy cow. I’m so fortunate to be the person that I am,’” McDonough shared. “And surrounded by the people that God has surrounded me with.” 

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