Why Streaming Service Quibi May Not Be For Your Family

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Why Streaming Service Quibi May Not Be For Your Family

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

A new streaming service called Quibi launched this week with content that may not be appropriate for your family.

Quibi series like GAYME SHOW!, SEXOLOGY and NIGHT GOWNS all contain lewd and/or politically correct content that includes cross-dressing, discussions on hook-up culture and pro-homosexual ideals.

Quibi differs than other streaming services by broadcasting short-form content rather than full episodes or movies. Each episode is less than 10 minutes.

While some shows are relatively decent, Movieguide® believes this service is not the right fit for wholesome, family streaming options.


This drama series stars Liam Hemsworth (THE HUNGER GAMES) and Christoph Waltz (ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL). Hemsworth has cancer and goes to Waltz for help. Waltz, instead, gives Hemsworth a proposition.

He proposes that Hemsworth let men hunt him. If he dies, Hemsworth’s family will receive a good lump sum.

THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME is for mature audiences for its dark subject matter, foul language and alcohol use.


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Because all of our feeds deserve @liamhemsworth right now. #MostDangerousGame Coming to Quibi April 6.

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THANKS A MILLION is a celebrity-centric series that follows A-listers who give away $100,000 to someone who made an impact in their life. The recipient must then give away half of that to someone who has made an impact in their life.

THANKS A MILLION hopes to inspire a “chain of gratitude.”


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Spread joy. It’s the Quibi way. #ThanksAMillion Coming to Quibi April 6.

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Recipients of the cash believe they’re participating in a documentary about good Samaritans, which draws off the Bible story found in the Gospel of Luke.

In the first episode, which features pop star Jennifer Lopez, the recipient blesses her in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost which makes it sweet for family audiences.


The MTV series comes to the new streaming site with plenty of flare but isn’t appropriate for family audiences.

Christian mainstream artist Chance the Rapper hosts Quibi’s six to seven-minute episodes of PUNK’D.

Chance the Rapper “punks” his friend with a fake gorilla in the first episode. The stakes are high, but the obscenities and skimpy outfits of one female character are even higher.


In CHRISSY’S COURT, Chrissy Teigen sits in the judge’s seat while defendants bring comical cases to her attention.

In the first episode of the series, a young man and older gentleman appear in Chrissy’s Court to settle a dispute about a damaged speaker, rap music and restaurant take out.

Feeling confused? That’s OK, because the whole episode is a little chaotic.

Eventually Teigen calls on her mega famous husband John Legend to help her decide the verdict.

CHRISSY’S COURT functions like a funnier version of JUDGE JUDY, but viewers should still exercise caution.


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Who’s ready for some resting bench face? #ChrissysCourt. Coming to Quibi on April 6.

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Basketball star Lebron James is the subject of this documentary series.

In each episode James “seeks to change the Akron, Ohio, dropout rates by founding the I Promise public school,” according Quibi’s description.


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Let’s learn together. #IPromise with @kingjames + @IPROMISESchool + @LJFamFoundation | Coming to Quibi on April 6.

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Cameras follow James and his organization’s desire to change children’s lives and many of the episodes will make audiences shed a tear or two.

The first episode shows James and his team as they open their doors to children for the first time. Parents will appreciate the episode and as it pulls on everyone’s heartstrings.


Reese Witherspoon hosts the BBC Studios documentary series that follows jungle cats.

In the first episode, “Growing up Cheetah,” two sister cheetah cubs learn how to operate in the wild and take down their own prey.

FIERCE QUEENS functions similarly to Disney Nature movies. FIERCE QUEENS does showcase a bit of survival violence and blood but is ultimately equal parts informative and endearing. Families should exercise caution.