Why These Upcoming Box Office Titles Should Encourage Your Family

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Why These Upcoming Box Office Titles Should Encourage Your Family

By Tess Farrand, Associate Content Editor

The January slump of family-friendly box office titles is finally looking up!

Forthcoming 2020 box office titles appear to have faith and family values. Movies like I STILL BELIEVE, I AM PATRICK, and PETER RABBIT 2: THE RUNAWAY are just a few to look forward to seeing.

While Movieguide® hasn’t officially screened these titles, there’s a certain formula that Hollywood seems to follow that should keep family-oriented audiences excited for the next season.

Each year in January, Hollywood appears to release lewd titles. When Movieguide® reviewed the recent releases, unfortunately, more than half received a -2-acceptability rating for a variety of content concerns.

There are a couple of schools of thought as to why.

First, it’s a new year for awards consideration. Many industry personnel are only focused on the titles from the previous year’s winter, so there’s got to be a movie to start the game.

Second, with awards season on the horizon, avid holiday moviegoers settle back into their routines, many of which don’t include going to the movies.

So let’s breakdown a few of the forthcoming titles. As always, we recommend you wait until you read Movieguide®’s review to see if the movie is the proper fit for your family.

I STILL BELIEVE- March 13, 2020

I STILL BELIEVE follows the true story of Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp, who lost his first wife to cancer.

I STILL BELIEVE producer Kevin Downes exclusively told Movieguide® that audiences won’t have anything to worry about with the faith-based flick.

“If you’ve seen any of our past films, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE, WOODLAWN and MOM’S NIGHT OUT, you know that that people can trust us with the stories that we’re going to tell.” Downes added, “You can bring your grandmother and you can bring your kids that that actually have the patience to want to be able to sit through a movie and because nothing about is going to be offensive in any way shape or form.”

I AM PATRICK- March 20, 2020

Jonathan Rhys-Davies (LORD OF THE RINGS) stars as Saint Patrick in I AM PATRICK, a faith-based docudrama.

“From a life of comfort to enslavement to a faith that changed a nation, this is the true story of the saint you thought you knew,” Director Jarrod Anderson said.

According to the movie’s website, the movie will tell the true story of the man who led thousands of people to Christ in Ireland during the collapse of the Roman Empire.


Movieguide® gave the first PETER RABBIT movie rave ratings for Christian and pro-capitalist content.

According to the review: PETER RABBIT has a strong Christian, redemptive, moral worldview promoting the infinite benefits and blessings of love in one scene and extolling learning to do the right thing, repentance and forgiveness, with some pro-capitalist elements, Romantic elements and a comical reference to someone having “evolved,” but the movie also has a couple jokes mocking political correctness.

Let us know in the comments which movies you want to see.


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