Why TOM & JERRY Is ‘The Perfect Movie To Be Coming Out’ Right Now

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Why TOM & JERRY Is ‘The Perfect Movie To Be Coming Out’ Right Now

By Movieguide® Staff

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz discussed how her new family movie TOM & JERRY is “the perfect movie to be coming out” during a pandemic with fellow actress Drew Barrymore on THE DREW BARRYMORE SHOW

Barrymore noted the importance of movies that families can watch together, especially while spending more time together due to COVID-19.  

“We are here with Chloë Grace Moretz who is starring in TOM & JERRY,” Barrymore announced, adding, “the new film which we’re all so excited about as parents who get to watch something new with our kids.”

The two actresses also shared how the classic cat-and-mouse duo, Tom and Jerry, have remained a staple across generations of children.  

“I grew up with Tom and Jerry from the time I was a little, little girl,” Moretz said. “My mom grew up with it from the time she was a little girl, and so I really think it’s one of those, you know, cartoons that’s really been generationally in our lives for so long.”

Moretz added: “I really jumped at the opportunity to not only bring this piece back into the modern day, but also to be able to do this live action, you know, plus the animation kind of world (similar to Roger Rabbit which I grew up with as well) and introduce it to young kids that have never seen Tom and Jerry at all.”

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A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads

TOM AND JERRY (2021) is a live-action comedy streaming on HBO Max and starring the famous cartoon cat and mouse. 

TOM AND JERRY is well paced and has obvious stakes for the characters. The movie has a mixed worldview. All the characters are out for their own personal interests, but TOM AND JERRY extols the value of marriage, and a woman admits doing wrong. TOM AND JERRY also has some Christian elements. Finally, TOM AND JERRY has four light profanities and a moderate amount of slapstick violence that mirrors the classic cartoon. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for older children.

Moretz noted that the nostalgic, slapstick comedy is a lighthearted break for adults and older children to enjoy as a family. 

“Bring on the antics, bring on the slapstick comedy,” Moretz joked. “We filmed this back in 2019 which is, you know, pre the pandemic. So I think now more than ever this is really the perfect movie to be coming out, so we can all just sit together and check out for a little while and smile and laugh.” 

Barrymore added: “I do think that people need more entertainment in their homes that they can enjoy on their own or with their kids or that their kids could enjoy. We need that because we’re all stuck at home together.”