Why We Need More Faith-Based Movies

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Why We Need More Faith-Based Movies

By Jessie McGriff, Contributing Writer

Secular awareness of the consistent market for faith-based movies emerged after several movies like Mel Gibson’s 2004 movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, followed by the success of movies like SOUL SURFER in 2011. However, the consistent demand seem to emerge in 2014 with the success of HEAVEN IS FOR REAL and GOD’S NOT DEAD.

For example, GOD’S NOT DEAD was made on a $2 million budget but grossed more than $60.75 million, and the demand for movies with strong family values continues to raise box-office standards.

The two biggest faith-based movies this year, OVERCOMER and BREAKTHROUGH, both came in at No. 3 at the box office during their opening weekends.

There are several reasons why faith-based, or even faith-friendly, movies have been faring well and why audiences demand more.

First, moviegoers want movies that are wholesome and uplifting. Parents want movies that they can take their kids to without feeling embarrassed that the movie might contain inappropriate content, such as swearing, violence, sexual activity, or nudity. Parents also want their children to model good moral behavior and not pick up on the negative aspects included in many of today’s popular movies.

Media greatly impacts society. When violent movies and video games flood the market, there seems to be a wave of violence in reality. Many movies and TV programs today also have sexually explicit scenes that encourage sexual exploitation.

We must combat the negative influence that much of the media is having on our culture. So, why not make more inspirational movies?

Christian movies provide a moral option to all the unfiltered content many other movies contain. Instead of extreme sex, violence and foul language, Christian movies are filled to the brim with positive messages of prayer, hope, forgiveness, courage, and doing the right thing no matter what.

People want to know that there is a God who loves them, and He is guiding their steps.

Everyone has questions about life and about God, and faith-based movies can help answer these questions burning in people’s hearts.

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