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Why YES DAY’s Jennifer Garner Starts Her Week at Church

Photo from Jennifer Garner’s Instagram

Why YES DAY’s Jennifer Garner Starts Her Week at Church

By Movieguide® Staff

From going to church each week to having a day where she only tells her children “yes,” actress Jennifer Garner goes to great lengths to make faith and family a priority in her own life.

The YES DAY actress, known for her many family-friendly roles like MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN and THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN, opened up to Movieguide® about her new Netflix movie and how it reflects her own life.

“This is a very personal story for me,” the 48-year-old actress told Movieguide®. “I developed this script, I found the director, we created all of this together.”

Garner added that YES DAY is based mainly on her own experience with family.

“I was much cooler before I had kids. Are you kidding me?” Garner joked. “And now I’m like a drill sergeant. So, yes. And of course, my kids and I have had ‘yes day’ for the last nine years.”

Garner shared that “yes days” are not her family’s only tradition. Garner, who shares three children with her ex-husband and fellow actor Ben Affleck, says that church is a big part of her family’s everyday lives.

“I feel the same about church on Sundays,” Garner said. “It really just starts the whole week, you know, just thinking together, just being together for that hour really starts us off right. And I am missing being in church physically in person. I really miss that sense of community.”

Garner also noted YES DAY’s emphasis on spending face-to-face time with your family.

“We’re all guilty of it,” Garner confessed of spending too much time in front of a device. “I am sure that my kids would tell me that I have to put my phone down. I’ve gotten only worse over the last year. But we’re just all bound to our own little world and our own little mind. And it’s all connected to this silly thing we have in our hands. So there is something about having to rely on each other. That’s so important.”

YES DAY co-star and Garner’s on-screen husband, Édgar Ramírez, echoed Garner’s sentiment and encouraged families to be present with one another.

“So if we are in our phones, if we are in our screens, there’s no focus and there’s no quality time that we can really spend with each other, that you can really give to the people you love,” Ramírez said. “If there’s anything that this pandemic has taught us it’s that time and focus are not granted. We cannot take it for granted. So it is our hope that when people watch this movie they can realize how valuable time and focus is and that is the most beautiful gift that you can give to anyone you love.”

YES DAY, starring Garner and Ramírez, will be available to stream on March 12.

Check back soon for Movieguide®’s full review of YES DAY!

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