#WitchTok Continues To Grow: ‘A Whole Generation of People Are Being Rocked to Sleep by The Enemy’

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#WitchTok Continues To Grow: ‘A Whole Generation of People Are Being Rocked to Sleep by The Enemy’

By Movieguide® Contributor

TikTok is full of dangers for young viewers — and that includes witchcraft. The hashtag #WitchTok has already amassed more than 30 billion views.

One practicing witch praised the app for making witchcraft more widespread.

“TikTok has changed the way we practice witchcraft, it’s so acceptable now to learn from social media,” this person shared

However, one former witch is warning WitchTok fans against occultism.

Jenny Weaver, a former witch who is now a born-again believer and minister, is telling people the realities of delving into witchcraft.

“I remember when I started practicing witchcraft, I was very curious about it,” Weaver explained. “I saw it as a means to have power, in a powerless world. I remember getting books about spells and going into the new age store and purchasing bundles of sage, crystals, and all of the things you would do to cast spells. But I’ll tell you, it took a turn for the worse.”

She continued, “I had such a fear that gripped my life. It crippled me. The next thing that I knew, I was seeing things, hearing things, and I was being tortured by demonic spirits that had come in through the use of witchcraft. It was a very scary time. I didn’t even want to close my eyes to wash my face. I was that terrified. If you think that it is innocent I am telling you it will take you down a road you do not want to go down. And I had to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive me.”

Weaver also expressed her shock at the widespread popularity of witchcraft and occultism on social media.

“I’m seeing it become very trendy on TikTok and things like that,” she explained. “There’s a whole generation of people who are being rocked to sleep by the enemy and it’s just really time for the church…to sound the alarm and say no, we need to wake up and we need to say this is not right. This is not for my home, not for my kids.”

Weaver has started using the same hashtags #witchtok and #witchcraft as a way to reach those who are interested in witchcraft. 

“I believe if you are watching this I believe the Lord has allowed you to see this video to speak to your heart and to give you a chance to really cry out to him,” she said in a recent video. “Here me when I tell you, I’ve come out of it, I’m living for God now. He’s turned my whole life around. I have freedom, I have joy, I’ve been restored in ways I could have never imagined.

“If you are practicing witchcraft, I am asking you today to give your heart to Jesus,” Weaver concluded. 

Movieguide® previously reported on the dangerous rise in witchcraft on social media:

From ghost obsessions in major movies to seances in streaming shows to #WitchTok on social media, a disturbing new trend shows the occult is gaining popularity in mainstream media.

“I think that witchcraft has always been present in media. Every single movie that we saw as children, there was always that wicked person that would use magic or spells and things like that to try to destroy the hero,” says Jeannie Ortega-Law, a pop-star-turned-minister who wrote about her experience with the occult in her book, What Is Happening To Me? “Now what’s different than when we were growing up is it’s celebrated. Witches are now the main character. It’s not just the supporting role. Years ago, we had an understanding that some of these witches and then people in cartoons that were evil, they were evil. We understood that we were told it was evil, and now it’s glamorized.”

… Movieguide® defines an occult worldview as the belief in occult powers and bringing them under human control, usually through occult means (e.g., occult rituals or witchcraft).

A popular animated show on Disney Channel called THE OWL HOUSE even takes place in hell with witches fighting demons.

Furthermore, on social media platforms like TikTok, the fascination with the occult is growing at an alarming rate everyone from young teens to adults first passively consume — and then seek out — videos about witchcraft.

“While the most watched TikTok videos may appear asinine to anyone who doesn’t enjoy teenagers lip syncing to popular songs, some surprising subcultures have arisen since the platform’s inception in 2017. One of these is the ‘WitchTok’ community. Videos labelled #WitchTok have so far clocked up an impressive 18.7 billion views,” Rebekah King writes for The Conversation. 

King also points out that Christians are often mocked in the short clips, writing: “When pantomimed in a WitchTok, the angry Christian blazes with furious indignation, railing against the evils of magic, till they are silenced with a sassy retort or threat of a hex.”

This is precisely why parents must engage with the content their children consume and teach them the importance of media wisdom and discernment.

“As adults, we can resist the enemy, we understand what we’re closing ourselves up to,” Law tells Movieguide®. “But when we’re young and impressionable, we’re soaking it up like little sponges. There’s a chapter in my book that’s called ‘What Are You Listening To?’, and I’m talking exactly about that the direct effect that media has on young impressionable minds.”

Movieguide® Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr talks about the importance of shaping young minds in his book, The Culture-Wise Family. 

“Subjects such as honesty, courage, and patience, or witchcraft all have clear scriptural contexts to know how they affect a person’s relationship with their Heavenly Father. The term discernment goes beyond identifying ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to see the differences between the two elements and to involve our entire process of thinking, feeling and knowing to recognize the moral and ethical values that align our lives with God’s life map and the nurture of the likeness of his first born, the Christ,” Baehr says.

He further explores the importance of recognizing an occult worldview in his book Frodo & Harry: Visual Media and Its Impact on Our Youth with Movieguide® Editor Dr. Tom Snyder.

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