WORD PARTY Teaches Preschoolers Kindness, Empathy

Photo from Jim Henson’s Family Hub Instagram

WORD PARTY Teaches Preschoolers Kindness, Empathy

By Movieguide® Contributor

WORD PARTY is a bundle of learning, cooperation and empathy modeled for preschool-age children. It streams on Netflix and is produced by the Jim Henson Company. Henson is known for helping create American favorites SESAME STREET and THE MUPPETS. The show is co-written by John Tartaglia, who worked on FRAGGLE ROCK and SHREK THE MUSICAL.

WORD PARTY features four animal toddlers (eventually joined by a fifth in season 5) named Bailey, Lulu, Kip and Franny. Together, the babies learn to say new words, share and care for each other. They have some help from Clickety Clock and Word Wally, which show them what time it is (snack time or nap time, for example) and images and pronunciations of new words. Their environment is overall gentle and peaceful, but they get silly sometimes, too.

Each animal has a different personality and is at a slightly different stage of development, just like children in preschool. Sometimes, learning to share or express emotions can be frustrating. But whenever an argument starts to stir, one of the babies takes responsibility to break out in a “Let’s Not Fight” song. Then, the babies learn how to make things right with one another.

The worldview displayed in WORD PARTY is strongly moral. The animals display love for one another, kindness, empathy and all the fruits of the spirit. Everyone stops what they’re doing when someone is hurt or upset. They all care for each other, and the older animals work together to help the group’s youngest members.

There are absolutely no negative, questionable or unwholesome elements presented. WORD PARTY places a lot of emphasis on working together, empathy and manners. The animals also learn to apologize when they have offended or hurt someone.

Producers have done a good job of incorporating engaging elements and animation style without making it too overstimulating. WORD PARTY tries to simulate a preschool environment with similar activities and lessons. It keeps learning at a basic level. The show doesn’t approach moral lessons like lying but puts a lot of importance on healthy communication and harmony with others. The babies learn responsibility not only for themselves but also for others. It encourages children to “use your words” instead of throwing a fit. The animals also encourage viewer interaction by addressing and asking questions.

WORD PARTY does not have any questionable elements whatsoever. It is suitable content for preschoolers compared to many other shows, but Movieguide® does not recommend any screen time for viewers ages 2 and under, no matter the quantity.

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