WWE Wrestler Shuns Voodoo Practices Because of Faith in Jesus

WWE Wrestler Shuns Voodoo Practices Because of Faith in Jesus

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Cameras continually follow members of the Women’s Wrestling Division of WWE on the E! reality series TOTAL DIVAS. While many people watch the show expecting wild interactions from the reality stars, one episode had a surprising declaration of faith. On the season eight premiere, which aired in September, one wrestler stood up for her faith in Jesus by refusing to engage with voodoo and psychic practices.

In the episode, the WWE clan travels to New Orleans, Louisiana for the annual Wrestle Mania. While in the historic city, Paige, an injured wrestler, wants to seek healing for her bum neck by listening to the words of a physics and checking out the prolific voodoo culture in the city. Yet, Trinity, another wrestler, stands in opposition to this because of her faith in Jesus.

In the buildup to a Wrestle Mania event, the women take moments of their free time to explore the bustling city by going alligator observing and hitting the streets of the French Quarter. Viewers can see that Paige struggles with not being able to wrestle in the heavily anticipated match. While on a swamp tour she tells her pals about her desire to investigate the voodoo and occult aspects of New Orleans to see if it could help her heal from her injury. Trinity, shaking her head, responds by saying, “don’t start with that… I don’t want no sprits, no demons, no ghosts… if it ain’t God or Jesus I don’t want nothing to do with it.”

As the episode progresses, Paige urges that this desire comes in part with her “last resort” mentality to gain clarity on her injury and the future with the company, which echoes her, “there’s no harm in trying” attitude. In her interviews about the exchanges, Trinity adopts an empathetic attitude towards Paige’s injury but never falters in her opinion that engaging with the dark realm is not worthwhile. Still, Paige tries to get Trinity to engage with a psychic on the streets, but Trinity responds again by putting her confidence in Jesus.

Paige expresses her hurt to another wrestler about Trinity’s reaction. Although a large feud could’ve ensued, Trinity apologizes for coming off the wrong way and agrees to disagree. Later, the two do venture off towards a psychic, but Trinity doesn’t even get out of the car, showing she is firm in her belief to reject dark ideas.

Sorcery and things of the like are rising in the U.S. The Bible repetitively reminds us not to engage with demonic or other spiritual practices (Deut. 18:10-13, Eccles. 9:5, Lev. 19:31). We’re proud that people with a platform aren’t afraid to shy away from rejecting spiritual darkness and occult practices, despite living in a culture that doesn’t think it’s a big deal.