YELLOWSTONE’s Taylor Sheridan Talks Traditional Masculinity with Joe Rogan

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YELLOWSTONE’s Taylor Sheridan Talks Traditional Masculinity with Joe Rogan

By Movieguide® Contributor

Taylor Sheridan, creator of the hit TV series YELLOWSTONE, talked with Joe Rogan about the need for both masculinity and femininity.

“Defund the police, toxic masculinity. They’re in the same category of things,” Joe Rogan said. “Seems silly to think that way. You need all of it, masculinity and femininity.”

“The UFC commentator and podcast star said ‘natural masculine behavior’ is necessary for sports like football and shredded the idea it’s ‘toxic,'” OutKick reported.

Sheridan added, “These are all terms that have been created. It’s fascinating that language is being reinvented before our eyes. There’s all these new words that are just meant to keep one person from disagreeing with another person’s position.”

Sheridan joked about his love for the term “micro-aggressions.”

“I love micro-agression,” he chuckled. “Just like little bitty, that was a micro-agression. I don’t think anyone has ever been curious. If I’m upset at you, you’re going to know it.”

FOX & FRIENDS co-host Lawrence Jones shared his take on their discussion, explaining how Sheridan includes traditional gender roles in YELLOWSTONE.

“The interesting thing about Taylor is that he does a great job in writing these characters,” Lawrence began. “But it’s not like he has weak women within his films or his shows. They are strong women, but they’re also women that want a strong man as well. That want the traditional man that can ride a horse, but like their men to go hurdle up the cattle and bring the food home.”

Lawrence is the author of “American Man: Speaking the Truth about the War on Masculinity.”

In the book, Lawrence talks about the fact that “just because a woman can doesn’t mean that she should have to do it. Sure, a woman can change a tire if she’s on the side of a road. But if I see her, I’m going to jump into action because that’s the way I was raised.”

“When we have these conversations about gender roles, they think men are saying women can’t do it,” he added. “We’re just saying we would like to extend a hand to help you out with it.”

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