Exclusive content for YOUTOO TV Produced by Mark Burnett’s VIMBY


YOUTOO TV has a Built-In National Audience of 15 Million Cable Households


Proprietary Technology to be Licensed to TV Networks & Cable Stations


VIMBY (Video in My BackYard) is joining forces with industry innovator Youtoo.com to launch the nation’s first social TV network, Youtoo TV, which uses

revolutionary technology to change the way Americans engage with TV. For the first time in television history, viewers using the Internet or a mobile device can be on television and participate in the programming with a few simple clicks. VIMBY, in affiliation with legendary producer Mark Burnett (“Survivor,” “The Apprentice,” “The Voice”) becomes the original content provider for YouToo’s revolutionary initial launch.  Mark Burnett explains, “As a TV producer, I love nothing more than finding the next big thing. When I put Survivor on television, no one, including me, knew how popular reality television would become. Now, Youtoo is paving the way for social TV, which is the next generation of television.” Added Dean Waters, CEO of VIMBY, “As cultivators of skilled filmmakers from around the country, we are excited to be part of a new venture that takes creative empowerment to the viewers themselves and allows them to become part of the content.”


“Since millions of people want to be on TV, we have an app for that,” explains Chris Wyatt, CEO of Youtoo. “Think of it as Facebook meets TV, it’s the evolution of the social network. In addition to interacting with your friends and followers, you can be on national television and interact with millions of people. Log on to youtoo.com to see what it’s all about. ”

Youtoo developed this revolutionary technology, which allows viewers to record and submit videos that are then filtered for content and broadcast on TV. This automated process enables anyone, from anywhere, with Internet access or a mobile device to be on TV within minutes.

Unlike standard social networking, where you interact with your friends and followers, on YouToo TV you are in front of a national TV audience of 15 million. Youtoo will start by putting 500 people on TV each day – providing more Americans than ever before with a real shot at their “15 minutes of fame.” The videos, aptly called “Fame Spots,”™ can be recorded easily from an apple or Android smart phone, tablet or computer. in just a few clicks, anyone can upload their “Fame Spot” and be on TV for free. Youtoo will play a key role in democratizing who gets to be on TV.


Mark Burnett through his company VIMBY (Video In My Back Yard), is producing 250 short programs that feature hosts Miss USA Shandi Finnessey, American Idol Extra’s Host Mikalah Gordon, and actor Brian Kimmet, along with co-host Dean Haglund, best known for his role on The X Files. The programs were shot in a high-tech Youtoo designed set to help establish the Youtoo TV brand identity. Mike Sears; a long term Burnett collaborator and who produced “Dinner and a Movie” which ran for 16 years on TBS, is producing the Youtoo

TV content along with VIMBY executive producer David Goffin. Each Youtoo program is wrapped around a popular television or web series, creating interactive content in which the host discusses the episode and invites viewers to be on television.

Youtoo TV launches with a programming line-up that features fan favorites, including The X Files, Batman, and Green Hornet and the television debut of leading web series, including, Howcast, PJTV, Geekbeat.tv, Koldcast, Rooftop Media along with Diggnation and an original Youtoo TV series, The best of Revision3. Youtoo TV will also feature interactive programs including Say Yes & Marry Me, which will offer viewers the opportunity to propose marriage on-air via “Fame Spots”™ in front of a national TV audience.


Youtoo TV is the only television network in the U.S. providing its viewers with the opportunity to voice their opinions, and share personal stories on TV. A unique hybrid, Youtoo is a technology company that owns and operates a TV network. Chris Wyatt, an Internet and TV innovator with more than 20 years of experience,

purchased the two television networks in 2009 to have a platform to create and showcase this game-changing television technology.


Chris Wyatt left network TV 16 years ago to be part of the technology team that launched the first social network, Communities.com. He went on to create Godtube.com, the fastest growing website of 2007 on launch, and continued to work to find the intersection of television and the Internet. “Youtoo is the realization of the vision that anyone can be on TV from anywhere. Even the name Youtoo TV literally means you too can be on TV.”



Youtoo is the only Social TV platform that allows viewers to participate in television programming from virtually any location. With a smart phone, tablet, or webcam, viewers are just a few clicks away from being ON their favorite television shows. Youtoo’s patent-pending technology allows users to record high-definition, television-ready video files and then submit them for broadcast consideration. Youtoo.com has built virtual economy and gaming concepts into the Youtoo.com social network. Within this “virtual economy,” Youtoo will offer users the opportunity either to purchase or to earn Youtoo credits. These credits may then be exchanged

for virtual goods and services within the social network. This will range from buying social shouts on air to purchasing customized profile pages within the website. For more information, log onto http://www.youtoo.com/



(Video In My BackYard), a Mark Burnett company, is a video production studio with a local-national production infrastructure consisting of network TV producers and over 150 storytellers strategically situated in over 40 cities across the country. VIMBY’s local infrastructure is highly efficient in telling authentic stories that are often at the cutting edge of trends and ideas both locally and nationally. Trained with the highest production standards, VIMBY’s videos are broadcast quality and built for multiple distribution platforms. VIMBY’s Los Angeles based studio combined with local assets delivers an economical advantage versus traditional media. Headquartered in Los Angeles, VIMBY’s executives have extensive experience in producing

reality based programming for broadcast television and the Web. VIMBY’s global clients include MTV, Macy’s, General Mills, Pepsi, VW, Ray Ban, Toyota, MSN, Puma, among many others.

For more information,

go to www.VIMBY.com.


Diane Shader Smith