Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

As Eric, the late Brandon Lee rises from the dead by means of a pagan legend to avenge his fiancee's rape and murder. The result is a methodical murder spree delivered in a violent, obscene and predicable tale of revenge called THE CROW. Obscenity, profanity, nudity, and a lack of any redeeming elements whatsoever plague this depressing, immoral film.


(P, O, AB, LLL, VVV, S, NNN, A/D, M) Pagan, occultic worldview where pagan legend & love can transcend the grave & brute force triumphs over evil; anti-biblical elements--animal worship & man returns from grave through pagan legend; 95 obscenities, 12 profanities & 4 blasphemous remarks; graphic violence--20 deaths, murder & rape; implied fornication; full female nudity; alcohol & drug use; and, violent revenge is acceptable.

More Detail:

As Eric, the late Brandon Lee–son of the late Bruce Lee–literally rises from the dead by means of a pagan legend to avenge his and his fiancee’s murders in the violent and predictable revenge tale, THE CROW. The legend says a crow can carry a person’s soul, thus a crow continuously follows Eric, giving him power over death and injury. His face painted chalk-white with a Joker-type smile, he methodically tracks down his assailants and violently murders them, one by one. Often shot and stabbed, Eric miraculously heals and is ultimately reunited with his fiancee when she rises from the dead also, illustrating that love and legend can conquer death.

Based on the comic book of the same name, THE CROW is reminiscent of the DEATH WISH movies starring Charles Bronson as a self-righteous vigilante. Lee is very charismatic and even comes across as sympathetic, suggesting a good side to evil. Film production quality stands up well but cannot overcome a predictable plot filled with murder, nudity, promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, and a constant flow of obscenities and profanities. The premise promotes revenge and teaches that Satanic brute force triumphs over self-judged evil. A depressing, eerie mood is magnified by a continual downpour of rain and the fact that Brandon Lee was himself killed on-set during the film’s production.

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