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Vin Diesel is A MAN APART in a new police thriller from Hollywood, where Diesel plays a narcotics officer who goes on the warpath against the mysterious drug kingpin who had his wife murdered. A MAN APART crosses moral boundaries in several areas, including scenes of nude dancing, distasteful violence, an over-abundance of foul language, and a revenge theme that's only lightly rebuked.


(Pa, B, C, Ho, LLL, VVV, SS, NN, AA, DD, MM) Mixed pagan worldview with some moral, Christian, homosexual, and immoral elements; about 119 obscenities, including many "f" words, and six strong profanities; very strong violence, including several shootouts, gruesome images of slaughtered men, murder, man beats another man to death, explosion kills mother and her young son; husband and wife caress and nude women dance suggestively with men and each other; upper and rear female nudity, and upper male nudity; alcohol use and drunken revelry; smoking and illegal drug smuggling; and, strong theme of revenge rebuked lightly, villain deceives hero, and policeman covers up for his buddy when buddy goes criminally out of control, endangering the lives of other officers, some of whom die.

GENRE: Police Thriller












More Detail:

Vin Diesel has a compelling screen persona, but his last two movies, XXX and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, have been disappointing since he burst on the screen in 2000 as an entertaining action hero in the underrated science fiction movie PITCH BLACK. A MAN APART, Diesel’s new action movie, has a fair amount of heart, but it also fails to pass the ultimate test for an action film: would you like to see it again?

This time out, Diesel plays Sean Vetter, the lead narcotics officer on a DEA team run by the federal government. The movie opens with Diesel and his team busting the biggest narcotics ring in Mexico, led by a man named Memo, played by Geno Silva. Despite their success, a new narcotics ring, run by an unknown thug calling himself Diablo, tries to take over Memo’s huge operation, leaving behind a trail of vicious murders. When a hitman from Diablo kills Sean’s wife, but misses Sean, things get personal. Sean goes on a vigilante rampage of revenge, threatening both his career and his life.

A MAN APART is engrossing in parts (and so is Diesel’s performance), but it’s not anything audiences haven’t seen before at the movies. In fact, the movie at times plays like a big budget production of one of Steven Seagal’s lesser movies.

Furthermore, though Sean eventually learns the true meaning of justice, A MAN APART crosses moral boundaries in several areas. First, it is only in the next to last scene that Sean abandons his personal march toward revenge and decides to support justice. Second, the police raid on Memo’s gang takes place at a drunken sex party, where half-naked women parade before the camera. Third, the movie is laced throughout with a heavy barrage of very strong foul language, more than 120 obscenities and profanities. Fourth, there are some very strong scenes of violence, including a few gruesome shots of dead corpses and a scene where the hero goes violently berserk. Thus, A MAN APART will not appeal to anyone with discernment.

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