"Love Is Worth More Than Riches"


What You Need To Know:

In DOG GONE TROUBLE, a pampered dog named Trouble must navigate life in the outside world after his rich owner dies, and he gets accidentally tossed outdoors into a moving truck. Claire and Norbert, the niece and nephew of the late dog owner, are extremely greedy. They want the whole inheritance even if it means they must pretend taking care of Trouble. When Trouble gets lost on the streets, Claire and Norbert do everything in their power to find him. Will Trouble survive the outdoor world as a street dog? Will Claire and Norbert get away with taking the inheritance they clearly don’t deserve?

Streaming on Netflix, DOG GONE TROUBLE is well produced, with impressive animation. Despite some slow parts, it does a good job keeping viewers entertained. The movie has some crude language and scatological humor, however. The greedy niece and nephew suffer the consequences of their actions, though. Also, kindness is eventually rewarded, and love and family prove to be more valuable than riches and material possessions. MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children due to the crude humor in Netflix’s DOG GONE TROUBLE.


(BB, C, Pa, FR, L, V, M): Dominant worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements: Strong moral worldview with some redemptive elements includes good triumphs over evil in the end, there are happy endings for the genuine and moral characters while the greedy and mean ones don’t get away with anything, kindness is rewarded, and love is shown to be worth more than riches, but there’s an element of false pagan religion where one character throws rocks and sticks onto the ground and then meditates in order to get answers

Foul Language:
Some references to butts plus some light crude language and toilet humor, lots of jokes made about “nuts”, and the squirrels make some suggestive movements, the words “stupid” and “idiot” are used periodically throughout the movie, and characters say “shut it” and “shut up”

Very light violence where dogs get into fights, dog falls out of a moving truck, and a man also falls out of a truck

No sex

Implied nudity in one scene where a character is getting a massage

Alcohol Use:
No alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs, but a dog does say “I want whatever bone that guy’s been chewing on” (a comical reference to a comment people sometimes make when another character seems in a good mood);

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Lying, deceit and greed are all present, but rebuked (for example, two humans are determined to get all the money no matter what they have to do, they lie about taking care of the movie’s dog protagonist and about being sad over the death of their aunt).

More Detail:

Streaming on Netflix, the animated movie DOG GONE TROUBLE follows the story of a dog named Trouble whose owner dies, leaving him with crazy relatives who don’t want Trouble to get the inheritance. Trouble, once accustomed to the rich life – sleeping in a king-sized bed and eating fancy foods – is tossed out into the real world and must learn the hard way how to survive as an outside dog. Trouble doesn’t have the best of luck making dog friends. This makes things more difficult for him.

Mrs. Vanderwhoozie, Trouble’s late owner, loved him so much that, for anyone to inherit her estate and the rest of her inheritance, they must first spend time with Trouble, get along with the dog, and then also promise to care for him. Thus, the only way to get all her money is through Trouble! However, Mrs. Vanderhoozie’s greedy relatives, her niece and nephew Claire and Norbert, come running to the estate seeking out money, not knowing that they must first adopt and love Trouble. They accidentally toss him out, and Trouble gets picked up by the moving truck. When they find out about the requirements for the inheritance, Claire and Norbert can’t find Trouble anywhere.

Meanwhile, Trouble must fend for himself in the real world. Will Trouble be able to make it on his own, without a butler? Will Claire and Norbert end up with the estate and all the money?

DOG GONE TROUBLE has good production values. The production and artistic quality is impressive and beautifully done, including the colors of the animation and the sound. Some parts of the story dragged a little bit, but, overall, the movie keeps viewers entertained.

DOG GONE TROUBLE has a strong moral worldview in general, though there is some questionable content. For example, there are greedy, snotty characters who don’t speak kindly to each other. Also, one character meditates and throws sticks and rocks on the ground to get answers. However, these bad attitudes and behaviors come back to hurt them in the end. Thus, the movie’s positive values outweigh the bad ones. Not only do the greedy characters suffer the consequences of their actions, but the movie also shows that love is worth much more than riches. That said, there is some light crude language and toilet humor in DOG GONE TROUBLE. So, MOVIEGUIDE® advises caution for younger children.

Quality: - Content: +1
Quality: - Content: +2