What You Need To Know:

DEADPOOL 2 is a sequel to the irreverent superhero movie that shocked audiences with its unconventional humor and excessive foul language, sex and violence. In this sequel, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool’s fiancée is murdered, leaving Wade distraught. His X-Men buddies try to help him heal by inviting him to join the X-Men team. They introduce Wade to a 14-year-old mutant boy, Russell, who was abused in a mutant orphanage and is now being targeted by a mercenary from the future named Cable. Wade decides to do the right thing and try to save Russell.

DEADPOOL 2 is a better comedy than it is a good superhero movie. The villain is introduced way too late, and then the villain changes multiple times. While the first DEADPOOL has Wade pursuing a life of selfishness and resisting the call to be a hero throughout, this sequel flips all that. There’s a strong biblical, redemptive theme of sacrifice, friendship, and family that’s quite surprising. However, it’s mixed with some political correct, Anti-Christian elements, including a high number of “f” bombs, extreme graphic violence, and lewd references.


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Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
A mixed worldview with strong moral, biblical, somewhat redemptive messages extolling family, having children, sacrificing yourself for your friends, selflessness, and courage, one character says “Thank God” multiple times, and there’s a reference to Heaven and Hell, but mitigated by strong immoral pagan behavior and some politically correct, pro-homosexual, unbiblical, and/or Anti-Christian elements such as portraying people running a Christian, anti-homosexual orphanage as crazy pedophiles, two females say they are a lesbian couple, Deadpool makes a reference to him being on the level of Jesus (in terms of box office gross), and characters engage in lawless behavior that’s somewhat condoned;

Foul Language:
More than 105 obscenities (including at least 75 “f” words), 23 profanities (including some uses of JC and GD), obscene gestures, and vomiting;

Extremely graphic violence, with many characters getting their body parts dismembered and stabbed with knives and swords, multiple characters gruesomely hit by vehicles, arms are broken and twisted in fights, main character’s body heals so his body is literally torn apart and broken like a rag doll many times, in one scene he’s literally ripped in half, he tries to commit suicide by blowing himself up, a man’s head is gashed against a rock, man’s body goes through a wood chipper, and many people are shot, with lots and lots of gore;

No depicted sex, but implied fornication between non-married couple, many sexual references, sodomy reference, male character, who has a fiancée, displays affection for other males in odd ways that plays for laughs but also implies other things, a reference to pedophiles, it’s implied that teenage boy has been molested, passionate kissing, miscellaneous lewd references, and two heroines say they’re a couple;

Brief images of male private parts used to get a couple gruesome laughs, rear male nudity, and some women wear cleavage bearing tops;

Alcohol Use:
Alcohol use;

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
Smoking and some drug use, such as cocaine is used a couple times by both villains and the hero; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Moral relativism and revenge.

More Detail:

DEADPOOL 2 is a sequel to the irreverent superhero movie that shocked audiences with its unconventional humor and excessive foul language, sex, and violence. The most shocking thing about this follow-up movie is that this one, unlike the first movie, actually has some strong positive moral themes! That doesn’t, however, redeem the movie.

DEADPOOL 2 finds the hero (or antihero), Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, violently killing bad guys around the world. Unlike the X-Men, Wade has no qualms killing people. When Wade isn’t killing baddies, he goes home to his fiancée, Vanessa (the prostitute from the first movie who fell in love with Wade). Wade and Vanessa have decided they want to have a baby and start a family. However, some bad dudes break into their apartment and start shooting up the premises, killing Vanessa.

Wade is completely distraught and tries to kill himself, but because his body regenerates body parts and heals itself, even blowing himself up doesn’t kill him. An X-Man named Colossus, who keeps an eye on Wade, brings him back to Professor Xavier’s school to recuperate, and they convince Wade into joining the X-Men.

Their first mission is to save a 14-year-old boy who’s escaped a mutant orphanage and threatens to kill anyone with his fiery fist. Wade gets in between the boy, Russell, and the police with his typical sarcastic attitude. When Wade finds out the boy was molested by the orphanage staff, he loses his cool, disobeys Colossus’s orders and starts killing the creepy staff. Wade and Russell are then arrested, restrained with neck devices that take away their powers, and thrown into a high-security prison.

In the prison together, Russell tries to become buddies with Wade, but Wade pretty much rejects the boy. The plot then becomes even more convoluted when a mercenary from the future named Cable breaks into the prison to kill Russell, because Russell’s future self murders Cable’s family. Wade stops Cable from murdering Russell and manages to escape from the prison alone.

In a vision, Wade sees Vanessa waiting for him in Heaven. She tells him they can’t be together because his heart isn’t in the right place. So, Wade decides that, if he’s to see the love of his life again, he needs to do the right thing and save Russell. However, he’ll need some help to do so. So, he enlists a team he calls the X-Force, which includes Domino (a woman who says her superpower is that she’s lucky), some other mutants who hardly get any screen time, and then Peter, a random nerd with no skills or abilities at all but whom Wade brings on the team.

Can Wade save Russell and find his way back to Vanessa?

DEADPOOL 2 has its funny moments. Wade frequently references other movies, including other Marvel and DC Comic movies, and he also references his own movie multiple times. For example, Cable is played by actor Josh Brolin, who also played the villain Thanos in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, and, at one point, Deadpool in an off the cuff way mistakenly calls Cable Thanos, referencing the other Marvel movies. At another point, Deadpool even jokes that the first DEADPOOL movie made more money than the R-rated THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST at the domestic box-office. The self-deprecating humor definitely gets the most laughs, but it also becomes repetitive at times.

That said, DEADPOOL 2 is a better comedy than it is a good superhero movie. The villain is introduced way too late, and then the villain changes multiple times. The CGI effects often look very cheap (which Deadpool references in a joke), and there are countless plot holes that make the story a mess.

The movie’s strongest point is the heart of the story between Wade and Vanessa, as well as Wade’s friendship with Russell. While the first DEADPOOL has Wade pursuing a life of selfishness and resisting the call to be a hero throughout the movie, this sequel flips all that. Wade wants to have a family, and he doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes his father made. When his fiancée dies, he also tries to help a young boy and tries to show the boy he doesn’t have to become a murderer. As a result, DEADPOOL 2 has a strong moral, biblical, redemptive theme of sacrifice, friendship and family that’s quite surprising considering the content of the first DEADPOOL movie.

That said, DEADPOOL 2 has some conflicting messages that are politically correct, unbiblical and even Anti-Christian. One of the villains is the head of the orphanage who abused Russell. The orphanage is a “Christian” institution that clearly represents gay conversion organizations, and the staff are all called pedophiles. Also, one of Wade’s friends, a taxi driver from the first movie, dreams of becoming a contract killer and gets his craving for murder later in the movie. There’s also a theme of lawlessness as Wade convinces some of the X-Men to break the rules they’ve set up for themselves.

In the end, DEADPOOL 2 is less vile than its predecessor and doesn’t have explicit sex scenes like the first movie did. However, it’s still an excessive movie, with a high number of “f” bombs, extreme graphic violence, a gruesome joke about a man’s private parts, and lewd sexual references. So, DEADPOOL 2 is another unacceptable piece of entertainment.

Quality: - Content: +1
Quality: - Content: +2