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What You Need To Know:

Pierce Brosnan plays the latest in a series of James Bonds in the new 007 epic, GOLDENEYE. Here, Bond goes up against a double-crossing British spy and a Russian general to stop them from using a secret satellite weapon against London. Though there is very little bad language, the movie contains a surplus of nudity in the title credits, aggressive sex and extreme violence.


(NA, L, VVV, NNN, SS, A, M) Pagan worldview with ethics and honor tied to duty and etiquette and discussions of loyalty and duty to country; 4 obscenities & 1 profanity; extreme violence including shootings, bombings, strangulation, crushing, garroting, falling, mangling, freezing, electrocution, breaking bones, hitting, kicking, biting, & point-blank executions; full female nudity & upper male nudity; several truncated fornication scenes which end in murder or fist fights, implied fornication & violent sex; alcohol use; and, gambling, theft & betrayal.

More Detail:

James Bond is back in GOLDENEYE, now starring Pierce Brosnan as the secret agent with savior faire. This 007 is totally predictable from the nude women in the title credits to the final cuddle at the end. The movie opens with James breaking into an arctic Soviet chemical weapons facility where he meets 006, and they go about their work of sabotaging the facility until the Russians attack and threaten to kill Alec. James escapes, but Alec is left behind. Nine years later, Russian General Oulanov and a dark haired Annatop steal the GOLDENEYE, a Ruby credit card which operates two sophisticated satellite weapons. James is sent to Moscow to stop the deployment of the remaining weapon. He discovers that 006 is alive and heading the criminals who control the satellite weapon. The rest of the story involves James stopping 006 from blowing up London.

Thus, international espionage, exotic locations, megalomania, promiscuous sex, violence, and humor are mixed together into a new 007 cocktail. Pierce Brosnan fills his tuxedo well as James Bond but doesn’t have the charisma of Sean Connery or the nonchalance of Roger Moore. This film could have been much better if it had avoided the female nude title credits and the heavy-handed sexual innuendo with the same finesse that it avoided foul language. GOLDENEYE, in many ways, is a parody of former 007 epics, but

without the requisite humor.