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What You Need To Know:

In KIDS IN THE HALL: BRAIN CANDY, scientists discover a pill that causes instant happiness. The company that invented the drug releases it to the public without proper testing. This television-to-feature-film transition by the KIDS IN THE HALL produces some chuckles, but the film is rampant with offensive materials such as blatant homosexuality, sexual references, implied sexual situations, strong language, a couple of blaphemous references to God and Jesus, and pagan values.


(Pa, Ho, LLL, V, SS, NN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview with strong homosexual elements involving cross dressing & homosexual activities and where man plays a god by changing the moods of human behavior through the use of a drug & man equates the inventor of the drug with Jesus; 18 obscenities, 15 vulgarities, 7 profanities, & man urinating in coffee cup to be given to corporate boss; comical violence that includes hitting a man's head, implied suicide by shooting, bird biting man's eye, cat falling on man's head, man grabs another's private parts, can hits man, & boy holding balloons is blown away; plenty of blatant sexual references & descriptions relating to masturbation, homosexual acts, family & community celebrating man's homosexuality, implied sexual situations involving man sleeping with girlfriend's best friend, two situations of crowd caught in homosexual acts, implied homosexuality, & man sleeping with two girls; two full male nudity & 1 showing man's rear end; drinking & drunkeness; cops drinking on the job, cigarette smoking & extensive use of pills to induce happiness; and, miscellaneous immorality featuring corporate greed, lying, manipulation, making fun of the physically disabled, celebrity, & idolatry

More Detail:

Another television series makes the leap to feature film with the release of the KIDS IN THE HALL: BRAIN CANDY, a feeble tale of a pill that can induce instant happiness. These “kids” once again do their multiple personality tricks with cross-dressings and multiple characters to deliver a film that is funny at times and tasteless throughout. Without proper testing, a drug company forces its scientists to publicly release their newly-invented pill which can leave its recipients with a constant high. Named Gleemonex, the pill and its euphoric benefits take the market by storm, enlarging the ego of inventor Dr. Chris Cooper. Soon, the pill’s dangerous side effects bring dark corporate forces to play to get rid of any evidence of the problem.

The film is a collage of skits that pokes fun at domesticity and corporate power. While funny at times, there are also plenty of offensive materials. There are rampant sexual references and implied sexual situations involving some rather tasteless segments on homosexuality. There is strong language, some male nudity and several irreverent references to God and Jesus. At the end, the movie says man seeks and rationalizes his own happiness — a resolution that is as empty as swallowing a handful of Gleemonex.