What You Need To Know:

MOUTH TO MOUTH is a Spanish movie about a struggling actor named Victor who decides to take a job as a phone sex operator. Victor becomes emotionally and physically attached to two of his clients resulting in mistaken identity and attempted murder. Foul and confusing, it contains extensive amounts of phone sex, obscenities and an immoral character who has no redeeming qualities.


(Pa, LLL, VV, SSS, NN, A, D, M) Pagan worldview where phone sex is used to achieve financial success; 31 obscenities, 2 profanities & extensive talk about sex with many euphemisms given for sex; mild violence including woman choking, scene of woman falling to her implied death, implied murder, & threats with gun; extensive amounts of homosexual & heterosexual phone sex, implied heterosexual sex, attempted homosexual sex, simulated perverse sex, & many scenes of foreplay; upper male nudity & women in lingerie; alcohol use & depiction of drunken man; smoking; and, lying & stealing

More Detail:

MOUTH TO MOUTH is a sex comedy from Spain. It bores and offends as it demonstrates the depths a struggling actor will stoop to land a job and get a girl. Victor Ventura wants to act in movies. Though he attends auditions, he can’t get a break. Penniless and down-on-his luck, he decides to take a job at a phone sex service. There he becomes emotionally and physically attached to a female caller, Amanda, and together, they get involved in an assassination plot against another caller, Bill. Through some quick thinking and some impromptu acting, Victor works out this mess so that everybody lives happily ever after.

Complex and confusing, this comedy uses the common plot device of mistaken identity for laughs. The twists and turns keep the viewer on their toes, which may be difficult, because the viewer also has to read the English subtitles. The funniest element is the physical comedy, but when it comes to jokes or impersonations, the viewer is lost because the original Spanish meaning is lost. Most of this movie isn’t funny, but rather offensive. Not only does it have phone sex, but it has homosexual phone sex. MOUTH TO MOUTH has no redeeming qualities to it. It is a muddled, confusing, seldom funny and denigrates the sanctity of marriage, sex and human dignity.