"Love Requires Sacrifice and Courage"


What You Need To Know:

MUMMIES is an animated movie about Thut, a former Charioteer, who is famous in the afterlife. Egyptians who die throughout history now live as Mummies in a thriving community beneath one of Egypt’s great pyramids. One day, Thut runs into the land’s princess, Nefer. Nefer’s father is Pharaoh and wants her to get married. Thut is chosen to be her husband. Thut is given the royal wedding ring to be kept safe leading up to their wedding. Both, are appalled at the idea of spending their immortal lives married. When the ring is stolen by humans from the living world, they must work together to retrieve it.

MUMMIES is a fun, animated adventure movie with some good humor and an unique story. The movie draws inspiration from ancient Egyptian culture and religion, which includes the mention of pagan gods. On the other hand, it has many positive elements as well. The movie champions the beauty of marriage, love beyond the superficial, self-sacrifice, and the importance of family. Due to its mixed worldview, a light profanity and some cartoon violence, MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong caution for younger children.


(BB, C, PaPa, L, VV, M):

Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Mixed worldview elements, movie has several strong moral, redemptive themes that promote marriage, family, sacrifice, and overcoming fear, but it also contain ancient Egyptian religion and references to Egyptian gods

Foul Language:
One use of OMG, as well as an irreverent joke about God being a woman

There is plenty of animated action throughout, a Charioteer crashes while racing, henchmen use sleeping darts to kidnap Thut and Nefer, the final chariot race could be intense for younger viewers, there is a joke about what will happen to Thut if he loses the ring involving “plucking out eyes” and “cutting off his tongue,” and there are other instances of slapstick cartoon violence

No sex

No nudity Alcohol Use/Abuse: No alcohol

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs, but characters are shot with poison darts which make them loopy and drowsy; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
One effeminate character is not explicitly LGBT, but subtle nods to his actions imply that he is may be homosexual.

More Detail:

MUMMIES is an animated comedy adventure about mummies who must go to the living world to retrieve a royal wedding ring that was stolen from their world in the afterlife. MUMMIES is a fun, adventure comedy with some good humor, a unique story and several strong moral, redemptive themes that promote marriage, family, sacrifice, and overcoming fear, but it also contains references to ancient Egyptian religion and some cartoon violence.

Thut the Charioteer is a famed racer in ancient Egypt, and even in the afterlife he spends most of his time autographing fans’ pictures. Despite his fame, he is fearful to return to his chariot due to an accident that happened in his final race in the living world. His younger brother, Sekhem, wants him to be courageous and return to chariot racing.

Meanwhile, Princess Nefer is a rebel who doesn’t want to get married despite her father, the Pharaoh, commanding her to do so. Unfortunately for Nefer, she doesn’t have much choice, and a ceremony is held to call upon a Phoenix to find Nefer a husband.

Soon, Thut finds himself in the royal palace before the Pharaoh, betrothed to Nefer. The Pharaoh gives Thut a royal wedding ring that he must bring on the day of his wedding, or he could face severe punishment. Both Nefer and Thut are against the idea of getting married to someone for the rest of their immortal lives.

Meanwhile, Lord Carnaby, a museum curator and archaeologist, is in search of new exhibits for his museum. While excavating in Egypt, he finds a tomb which leads to a secret world, the afterlife. Despite Thut’s efforts to hide the ring, the archeologist steals it.

Thut, Nefer, Sekham, and their pet crocodile go after the ring and find themselves in modern-day London. Will this unlikely group of mummies be able to work together to retrieve the stolen ring?

MUMMIES is a unique take on ancient Egyptian culture that provides an interesting backdrop for a story about love, sacrifice and facing fear. Despite his former accident, Thut learns to face his fear for the sake of love, even to the point of sacrificing his own life. There are also many positive pro-family and pro-marriage elements, which were a welcome surprise. However, there are several references to ancient Egyptian gods and other pagan worldview elements. In one scene there is a “god is a woman” joke.

Thut learns that true love and relationship takes courage and sacrifice, and that family is worth fighting for, even at the expense of our own comforts. This strong moral message of the beauty of love and marriage carries throughout the movie.

Ultimately, MUMMIES is a unique movie with some strong moral content marred by pagan worldview elements. MOVIEGUIDE® advises strong caution for younger children due to its mixed worldview, one light profanity, and cartoon violence.

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