"Politically Correct, Marxist, Slanderous Propaganda"

Content: -4 Gross immorality, and/or worldview problems.

What You Need To Know:

THE FOREVER PURGE opens with a Mexican couple, Juan and Adela, crossing the Mexican-U.S. border illegally. Months later, Juan works on the beautiful Texas ranch of the wealthy Tucker family while Adela works in a beef processing facility. Meanwhile, the Purge party has returned to power and re-instituted the 12-hour Purge night, where people can commit any crime they want, including murder, and not be arrested. Eventually, Juan and Adela must team up with the Tucker family to find sanctuary in Mexico when a countrywide group of white nationalists decides the Purge night is a good excuse to murder all foreigners and should never end. Will the two families survive?

THE FOREVER PURGE builds suspense and excitement. It’s also well directed and acted. However, it promotes a very strong humanist, slanderous, Anti-American, Marxist worldview. The movie is clearly another leftist attack on anyone who’s concerned about the moral, economic and social chaos that unhindered illegal, as opposed to legal immigration ,brings. THE FOREVER PURGE also contains extreme violence and more than 105 obscenities and profanities. It is an abhorrent, shameful, pernicious political movie.



Dominant Worldview and Other Worldview Content/Elements:
Very strong humanist, slanderous, Marxist or communist worldview of class warfare, immigration and racial and ethnic divisions, with very strong politically correct Anti-American content attacking America and American conservatives, especially depicting conservative rhetoric against illegal immigration as white nationalist ideology and thus erasing the distinction between concern about illegal immigration versus attitudes toward legal immigration (a person can be opposed to illegal immigration and have concerns about legal immigrants who don’t assimilate into the heritage, traditions and social order of the national culture without being a racist, much less a “white nationalist”), plus the filmmakers appropriate Roman Catholic imagery from the Latino community in the United States and Mexico into their political messages, but it becomes part of their false, secular Marxist Liberation Theology, and the movie attacks Christianity by depicting the government officials and their news flunkies as using religious platitudes about God that sound like something Christian Evangelicals say, but there are some neutral Christian images in the movie (including a depiction of Jesus suffering on the Cross) and the movie has some positive moral, redemptive elements about helping others in danger, being kind and getting along with people

Foul Language:
At least 99 obscenities (most are “f” and “s” words and about 11 are “f” and 11 are “s” words in a song lyric over the end credits), five GD profanities, one JC profanity, and five light profanities

Very strong violence includes point blank shootings, pointblank shooting in the head, some blood spraying, gunfights, hand-to-hand fighting,

Attempted rape in one scene

No nudity

Alcohol Use:
Brief alcohol use

Smoking and/or Drug Use and Abuse:
No smoking or drugs; and,

Miscellaneous Immorality:
Obvious looting, one villain is envious of the rich family for whom he works and decides to murder them and take their stuff, and some racism, but implicitly rebuked.

More Detail:

THE FOREVER PURGE is an Anti-American, politically correct, leftist horror thriller set in Texas where a white rancher and his family teams up with a group of illegal Mexican immigrants and an American Indian chief to fight off a Texas-bred branch of a large countrywide group of white nationalists who’ve decided to take over the United States and murder all foreigners throughout country. THE FOREVER PURGE uses high-octane thriller conventions to promote an Anti-American, politically correct, Marxist vision of class warfare, open borders and identity politics, with extreme violence and lots of strong foul language.

The movie opens with a Mexican man and his wife sneaking across the U.S.-Mexico border. Cut to several months later. Juan is working on a Texas ranch owned by a wealthy white family, the Tuckers, and his wife, Adela, is working at a meat processing facility. Adela chooses to believe in the American Dream, but Juan is skeptical. Juan earns the dislike of the rancher’s son, Dylan, when Juan upstages Dylan and tames a bronco that Dylan failed to tame. In private, Dylan’s father, Caleb, admits to Juan that Dylan doesn’t think Mexicans can be good cowboys, but Caleb tells Juan that he believes Juan is a very talented and capable cowboy. Later in the movie, after Juan saves Dylan’s life, Dylan, in a moment of honesty, will tell Juan he doesn’t hate Mexicans, he just thinks white and brown people should not mix together.

In America, Juan and Adela learn that the Purge Party, the New Founding Fathers of America, has returned to power and re-instituted the 12-hour Purge night, where people can commit any crime they want, including murder, and not be arrested. The Tucker family, including Dylan’s pregnant wife, Emma, ride out the Purge in their large ranch house, where the doors and windows are protected by steel covers that slide down from the roof. Meanwhile, Juan and Adela ride out the Purge in a warehouse filled with other Mexican immigrants with the same steel protections.

The Purge ends at 7 a.m. with no incidents for the two families. However, when Adela goes to work, she’s attacked by two Purge criminals with rabbit masks over their heads. Her boss, a black man named Darius, saves her. Meanwhile, when Juan arrives at work, he and another Mexican ranch hand, T.T., must intervene to stop a Purge gang, led by one of the white ranch hands, from murdering the Tuckers. Dylan’s father, Caleb, is killed during the fight, however. Juan, T.T and the Tuckers escape in a large company truck. A smartphone call from Adela’s co-worker informs Juan that Adele and Darius have been arrested for killing the two Purge goons that attacked her. Since Juan saved the lives of Dylan, his wife, Cassie, and his sister, Harper, they take the truck to the nearby police precinct to rescue Adela. They arrive just in time to stop a Purge gang from killing Adela and Darius after they crashed the police van carrying them to the local precinct.

Darius leaves them to go protect his own family. Meanwhile, everybody else learns that a countrywide group of white nationalists has decided to that the Purge should continue 24/7. They’ve attacked every major city in the United States, killing all “foreigners.” The government declares martial law and starts sending the military in to stop the white nationalists, but it’s been a losing battle. Because of the breakdown in law and order in the U.S., Canada and Mexico have agreed to offer sanctuary for six hours to people across the border trying to flee the white nationalists and the chaos they’ve created.

So, the question is, will the Mexicans and the Tucker family make it safely across the border to Mexico?

THE FOREVER PURGE picks up the pace of the four previous Purge movies. It creates suspense and excitement by showing Juan’s wife, Adela, being attacked separately after going to work. Then, after Juan and T.T. rescue the Tuckers, the survivors have to go rescue Adela. Finally, the whole group has to flee across the border to Mexico before Mexico closes the border down totally. All this constant jeopardy helps the plot keep moving swiftly along. In addition, the characters are well-defined in THE FOREVER PURGE, and the movie is well directed, meaning that the actors do a pretty good job of making the story interesting.

The last Purge movie, THE FIRST PURGE, released in 2018, was a prequel showing how the Purge began. In that movie, a third political party spouting religious platitudes gets elected to the White House in a moment of economic and social chaos. They test a theory that crime can be reduced drastically the rest of the year by letting people commit any crime they want for 12 hours. The experiment actually turns out to be a secret racist scheme to get rid of people in the inner city, especially black people, to reduce the welfare rolls. So, THE FIRST PURGE plays into almost all the hysterical talking points against America and against conservatives that the Left has been promoting for decades. Ironically, at the same time, the filmmakers behind THE FIRST PURGE also promote the racist stereotype that most of the people on the welfare rolls are black and brown, not white.

THE FOREVER PURGE continues the radical leftist themes of THE FIRST PURGE and the other PURGE movies. This time, it depicts all the conservative rhetoric against illegal immigration in recent years as an example of white nationalism. This is exactly the charge that many leftists (and even “liberals” and “moderates”) in the Democrat Party and radical leftwing groups, including the “Critical Race Theory” movement, have leveled against Republicans and conservatives, including President Trump and his supporters, when it comes to their immigration policies. As such, the movie erases the line between concerns about rampant illegal immigration versus controlled legal immigration, concerns that a significant portion of Hispanic and Mexican Americans actually share. A politician or a person can have concerns about illegal immigration, and even express concerns about amount of legal immigration and the lack of assimilation of legal immigrants who don’t assimilate into the heritage, traditions and social order of the United States, without being a racist, much less a “white nationalist.” Ultimately, THE FOREVER PURGE promotes a humanist, Marxist, politically correct, Anti-American worldview of class warfare, immigration, and racial and ethnic divisions. It also slanders a large group of Americans who oppose illegal immigration by depicting them as racist genocidal killers and white nationalists. Eventually, the movie flips the script on conservatives by turning the rich white family into illegal immigrants in Mexico. Of course, in their “Communist Manifesto” pamphlet, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels advocated doing away with all national borders.

THE FOREVER PURGE also contains extreme violence and more than 105 obscenities and profanities. It is an abhorrent, shameful, pernicious leftist movie.