Celebrities Glorifying Scriptures During These Turbulent Times


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When we need to take a deep breath and step away from the noise, the ocean is a powerful reminder of the Creator of the universe. 🌎 One who cares for all our needs. ⠀ Let creation sing! With the roar of the waves and the whisper of the gentle breeze, breathtaking and captivating in every way, I will not take for granted moments like these! 🌊 ⠀ “Casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.” ~ 1 Peter 5:7 ⠀ Whenever you feel like you are toiling and spinning, remember to step away, take a deep breath and turn over all your fear, confusion and anxieties to the creator of the world! He wants to carry you! He wants to replace the noice of the world and replace it with His voice of peace. 🙌🏻 ⠀ I WANT TO KNOW: How are you stepping away to encounter the Lord? ⠀ #considertheliliesbook #considerthelilies #author #creation #scripture #sharirigby #walkbyfaith #ocean #california #breath ⠀

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Jesus says the Father is greater then I, but have you ever gone past this statement and actually asked what was jesus SHOWING by saying this Specific statement publicly? Sure he was declaring the Fathers Greatness, but he is also revealing something far more powerful and profound, below the surface of words and in the truth of actions. Don’t miss it. To say someone is greater then I is to honor that person above yourself. To give them glorify by elevating their status above your own. Jesus didn’t come to tell you He was God. He came to REVEAL & display the fullness of God for you to experience. Jesus wasn’t created, He existed from the beginning and choose to take on human flesh & despite that fact He continued to live out his unbreakable relationship with the Father. A selfless Son can only do one thing when it comes to His Father. That is to glorify Him above Himself. This is what real love looks like, it is sacrificial by nature. And what does the Father do in return? Well He glorifies the son By giving Him “All authority in heaven and on earth” yep All things – GIVEN Thats the foundation of a real relationship. And now we can understand that God was in a selfless community within his fullness – father son and spirit from the beginning and for All time. I can better understand God’s character and nature through Jesus’ life and the declarations He made like this one. Now the statement ‘God is love’ has life in Jesus words and actions. Jesus wasn’t telling you, He was showing you. Now Some Beliefs just state that “God is mighty” Or “God is all powerful” but that doesn’t show much it just says much. Our God puts his love on display in a very practical and visible way. Let me tell you something Love is far more powerful then pride. Jesus could have come down here and claimed He was God, but my God is humble so He came down He and put it on display so you the listener could make up your own mind. The Father sent the Son. The Son sent the Spirit. The Spirit testifies about the Son. & The Son testifies about the Father. Love. Relationship. Community. All found in the God of the Bible He who is Father, Son, and spirit.

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