Stop Impastor

It is so exciting that in 2015 Christian audiences have movies to see like DO YOU BELIEVE?, WAR ROOM and CAPTIVE. There have even been some wonderful family movies like PADDINGTON, CINDERELLA and INSIDE OUT. In profound ways, you can see the impact MOVIEGUIDE® has had in showing Hollywood that there is a big audience for content with strong faith and values.

Sadly, this is not the entire story. There are still those who despise Christianity and have a strong desire to mock Christians and morality. The latest example of this is a program on the TV Land network titled IMPASTOR. The premise is that an immoral con-man takes on the identity of a gay pastor of a Lutheran church in a small town. He knows nothing about the Bible and participates in drugs and sexual promiscuity.

Please comment below and share your thoughts about why you don’t want your family being exposed to IMPASTOR. Your comment may be instrumental in helping us get IMPASTOR off the air.