New In Theaters February 21, 2020: Finally, Some Redemptive Movies!


-1 Discretion advised for older children.
Based on Jack London’s classic book, CALL OF THE WILD comes to the big screen again in the story about a large stolen dog that has to re-discover his animal nature and survive the harsh wilderness and evil men. CALL OF THE WILD is fast-paced and entertaining but has a mixed worldview, with a positive character caring for and helping others, though, ultimately, the movie and the book stress returning to primal nature rather than civilization.

EMMA. (2020)

+1 Discernment required for young children.
EMMA. (2020), the newest adaptation of Jane Austen’s last novel, follows the misguided matchmaking endeavors of Emma Woodhouse, a beautiful young socialite who lives in the English countryside with her wealthy father. Though it could use more dramatic energy, EMMA. is simple in style, yet it’s beautifully shot and maintains the milieu of a perfect 1800s fantasy, with strong Christian, biblical faith and values and little objectionable content.

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