Pro-Life Actor Announces Crisis Clinic Plans

Mexican heartthrob, MOVIEGUIDE® friend and star of the pro-life, MOVIEGUIDE® A   ward winning movie, BELLA, Eduardo Verástegui, recently announced plans to build the largest women’s crisis clinic in the United States.

The actor made the announcement at a gala and fundraiser hosted by his organization jointly by Catholic Charities of Los Angeles and his international aid organization, Mantle of Guadalupe. The latter organization serves pregnant women in need. Located in Los Angeles within a one-mile radius of 10 abortion clinics, it provides free medical care, ultrasounds, pre-natal care, and family planning education.

Verástegui informed the 300 guests that he will only use his talents “to elevate [his] Christian, pro-life and Hispanic values.”

Cheryl Sullinger of Operation Rescue, one of the nation’s leading pro-life Christian activist organizations, praises Verástegui’s decision.

“A lot of good things can be done with a crisis pregnancy center like this so that women can seek the help that they need instead of resorting to these horrific little abortion clinics that are a danger to women’s health,” she says.

Sullinger adds that, despite Hollywood’s penchant for producing sexually explicit content that encourages promiscuity, it is careful about promoting abortion because “they know abortion doesn’t sell; it makes people uncomfortable.”

Even though pro-life actors are a minority in Hollywood, there are a few, like Verástegui, who are making a difference and shining light on the problem of abortion in America.

– Source: OneNewsNow, 01/31/11, and Lifesite News, 01/20/11.


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