HBO Announces It Will Eliminate Soft-Core Porn from Programming… Don’t Hold Your Breath

HBO Announces It Will Eliminate Soft-Core Porn from Programming… Don’t Hold Your Breath

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

This week HBO announced plans to pull their adult erotica TAXICAB CONFESSIONS, CATHOUSE and REAL SEX off the network. An HBO representative commented, “We’re greatly ramping up our other original program offerings, there hasn’t been a strong demand for this kind of adult programming, perhaps because it’s easily available elsewhere.”  The sad truth in HBO’s statement is that people are still viewing porn, just using search engines such as Google or Bing rather than pay for cable. It’s just like the saying, “why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free…”

Additionally, Sheila Nevins, the former President of HBO and the producer of many of these inappropriate shows retired from HBO in April of this year. Jefferey Jones, the co-author of “The Essential HBO Reader” told the LA Times, “With her gone, I can see that change. Jones continued, “She very much saw sex as a central part of human beings, and therefore documentaries should treat it with respect. She carved out a space for this type of programming.”

However, HBO’s programming will still be home to pornographic shows like GAME OF THRONES and THE DEUCE (which is literally about the porn industry and was renewed for a second season), which both have explicit sex scenes, often including violence.  In essence, HBO isn’t really getting rid of porn at all, they’re just trading one form of pornography with another, and calling it “art.” Porn sites even steal ideas from GAME OF THRONES, which led to a legal battle. Shows like this are warping our culture’s view of sex. For instance, after GAME OF THRONES aired in 2012, porn searches skyrocketed 370%. The keywords “Game of Thrones” also ranks among one of the highest searches on porn sites.

We need a complete morality makeover.

Documentary filmmaker and author of “Living Prayerfully,” Jared Brock, comments on the epidemic. “Gone is the porn of yesteryear when materials were behind beaded curtains in the video store or in brown bags on newsstands. Type the word sex into a search engine and get a screen full of hardcore pornography in less than five seconds,” said Brock. With the prominence of the internet and other advertisements, our children are at risk. According to The Chicago Tribune, 94% of children before reaching 14 years old, will see porn. One can hardly walk their kids through a grocery store without having to shield their eyes from magazines in the checkout lane.

As HBO continues to disguise their debauchery under the cover of taking down these other series, know that these shows aren’t worth your praise or sixty minutes of your time. These pornographic shows aren’t worth your marriage, your internet fascinations or your children’s innocence. Any pollution of what God created to be good is plain sin. Some people in Hollywood are crafty and know how to make sinful things look appealing, but don’t fall for it. Keep your eyes focused forward on things that are true, beautiful and praiseworthy (Phil 3:14).