Uncensored Porn Game to Release on Major Gaming Site Accessible to Children

Uncensored Porn Game to Release on Major Gaming Site Accessible to Children

By Tess Farrand, Staff Writer

Parents beware and prepare to be disturbed. Today, the popular video game service, Steam, is releasing their newest game by Dharker Studios. Called, “Negligee: Love Stories,” the game will have explicit depictions of sexual content and physical abuse. Disturbingly, the game’s filters make it easy for minor slip through the cracks and play…

If “Negligee” was a movie, it’d be rated NC-17. The game is in the style of Japanese cartoons known as anime, and, as The Christian Post reports, “players make decisions for their story characters, largely connected to their sexual activities.” After logging in to their Steam accounts, users will receive a brief warning message before venturing to play the game that details the graphic nature of game’s premise. (*see warning photo below*). The game is the first in the “Adult Only Sexual Content” filter, but no evidence suggests that any further blocks prevent minors from beginning the pornographic game.  Users can just click “yes” to the warning and continue to start the game without any hindrance.

Game Debate details the perverted content in the new video game, “The four stories include male and female sexual relations, female and female sexual relations, themes relating to pressured sexual relationships, themes relating to nymphomania, themes relating to adult sex workers, and themes relating to abusive marriages and adultery.”

The willingness of Steam to distribute such a game is deplorable. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation released a statement that states, “Steam’s lack of effective content filtering results in easy access to extremely graphic content by 35 million minors who regularly use Steam. These types of games also train undeveloped minds to normalize sexual objectification and use of women.”  Hawkins continues, “We are calling on Steam to reconsider the types of content they allow on their platform to protect users from degrading and harmful content.”

Movieguide® knows that pornographic material like this new game is not only offensive but also physically harmful. Neurosurgeon Donald Hilton believes that viewing porn changes a child’s brain. He continues, “When there is a reward like pornography, that’s a specially powerful printing process. The brain doesn’t forget that. A 12- year-old who sees hardcore porn is going to say ‘Wow that was amazing’. Sometimes children may be frightened, but the fascination overcomes the fright eventually.” Hilton goes on to say “Porn is filmed prostitution”  and asserts, “I believe the porno-fied culture is affecting everybody.” Some are calling porn addiction a “public health crisis.”  

Movieguide® recently published articles showing how porn is becoming an epidemic and how STD numbers are at an all-time high. Our hypersexual culture is exposing potentially millions more to explicit sex and deviant behavior, and video games that have players acting out acts result in even more aberrant behavior.

Help us tell Steam to protect children from this terrible game!

Please help your children to be wise enough not to use steam: read and practice THE CULTURE-WISE FAMILY.