THE BEVERLYS follows three girls who once lived in a group home. When their group home burns down, a music producer in Los Angeles takes them into his home. It’s now his responsibility, along with his assistant and butler, to help raise the girls and teach them how to live their lives for God.

Tommy Beverly, the producer, is about to be fired from his company and has a terrible public image. His assistant, Jamie, believes taking the girls for just a few days will save his job and image. After finding out the group home won’t be ready to live in for a few months, he decides to keep them for as long as they need a home. It also doesn’t hurt that the girls can sing and just might be the saving grace he needs to produce a new hit record for his label.

Jamie wears a few hats when it comes to the girls, but the main one is teaching them about the Lord and how following Him will give them everything they need in life. Throughout the series, the girls run into obstacles, and Jamie is able to apply biblical lessons to what they’re facing. She’s also in charge of writing songs for the girls to sing so that Beverly can take them to his music label. 

THE BEVERLYS is a cheerful, touching series designed for families, especially pre-adolescent children. It contains strong Christian, morally uplifting values and lessons, which make up for some uneven quality. THE BEVERLYS has a strong Christian, biblical worldview. Each episode applies a life lesson from the Bible. There are positive life lessons that both children and adults will be able to learn and apply to their own lives. The series is worthwhile for both children and adults with little immoral content.