Lauren Daigle Points to Jesus for 2-Year Anniversary of ‘Look Up Child’ 

Photo from Lauren Daigle Instagram

Lauren Daigle Points to Jesus for 2-Year Anniversary of Look Up Child

By Cooper Dowd, Staff Writer 

Two years ago, singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle released her record, Look Up Child. Since its release, the album garnered many accolades, including a Grammy Award, three Billboard Awards, and a history-making tenure at number one on top music charts.  

Recently, Daigle sat down with her manager, Leigh Holt, on her podcast “Daigle Bites” to discuss her career, faith in God, and the two-year anniversary of Look Up Child

Daigle said that she knew the album would be about identity after she prayed to God for inspiration.

“I remember knowing that the record would be about identity,” Daigle told Holt. “A lot of times you can write a song or deliver a message, but people can feel when you haven’t experienced it yourself.  

“For this record, a lot of what was written was something I had experienced and a lot of it was what I was going to experience in the process of releasing the record,” Daigle added. “So when I heard the word identity, my stomach twisted, cause I was like, I think I am about to walk through some of the hardest years of my life, but it’s been some really fruitful and beautiful years as well.”

Holt steered the discussion through Daigle’s career timeline dating back to 2015, just after Daigle’s first album, How Can It Be.

Daigle recalled a time of deep self-reflection that came after an exhausting tour. Daigle said that she relied on Scripture in her time resting and quoted Psalm 127:2, which says, “Even while you sleep I will provide.”

“It was God saying, ‘Another thing is to honor your body; this is a temple,'” Daigle said. “I said, ‘God I know I need to spend some time with You.'” 

Daigle said that taking a break from her career allowed her to invest in her relationships and trust the Lord with her future.  

“There is a way that God positions time, where He can allow the present to absorb the years that feel like they have been lost,” Daigle said. “That’s what that year [off] was. I have been touring for the past four years, and it was a time to come together and water the soil of relationships.” 

Daigle said that time helped her shape her identity and gave her a vision for her new album. 

“Lets try to make this record as wide and available for as many people as possible to find truth and have hope and learn about Jesus,” Daigle said during the writing of the album.  

Despite facing some backlash from Christians for Look Up Child not being blatantly Christian enough, Daigle assured audiences that God was still at the center of the album.  

“God was still very present in this record,” Daigle said.  

She said this is apparent with how many people have intersected with her music. Even in the secular shows, Daigle said that the goal is to give God glory and let people know about Jesus.  

“God, thank You for letting me be a part of something like this, and in looking forward, Lord let me honor You in everything single thing that I do, telling more people about you and giving people hope that actually lasts, through the worst of times,” Daigle said.  

“‘OK, God, I want people who may have never stepped into a church to know Your goodness, and in that, keep me humble; in that, keep me on the straight and narrow; and keep me focused on the things You would have me do.’ That’s kind of the prayer behind that,” Daigle continued.  

Daigle opened up about some of the logistical challenges of producing the album and her hit song, “You Say.Daigle said that despite the hiccups along the way, God still provided for her and her team.

“It was really humbling and really beautiful because I feel like God always takes all those moments where you feel like ‘I gotta get all the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted, and He makes them human,” Daigle said.  

“There are times where you have to know you’ve made the wrong decision and give yourself that freedom but also knowing that, if you surrender everything, He will always have your back. He is faithful,” Daigle continued. “If we gave patience and grace to people like He does to us, we would see a much different world.”   

Daigle recognized that the success and fruitfulness that she sees from Look Up Child, even after two years, encourages her to stay humble and to continue to share the good news of Christ through her music.  

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