Why Kirk Cameron Avoids ‘Gotcha’ Questions on TAKEAWAYS

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Why Kirk Cameron Avoids ‘Gotcha’ Questions on TAKEAWAYS

By Movieguide® Staff

Actor and producer Kirk Cameron recently launched his new show on TBN, TAKEAWAYS. 

The former GROWING PAINS star said that he knows better than most what it’s like to answer unfair interview questions and said that he avoids “gotcha” questions when talking to his guests. 

“A pet peeve [about interviewers] would be thinking that somebody is asking you for an honest answer to a question. But then when you give it you realize it was just a setup for filleting or roasting or whatever. And that’s happened several times,” Cameron told The Washington Times at the National Religious Broadcasters conference.

“I’m just not the kind of interviewer that’s going to mislead somebody and then throw a ‘gotcha’ question at them,” he added.

Cameron has already interviewed various guests, including his sister and fellow actress Candace Cameron Bure, comedian Michael Jr., Skillet’s John Cooper, Phil Robertson, and many more.  

Movieguide® previously reported

Former GROWING PAINS star Kirk Cameron launched a new series called TAKEAWAYS, where he will discuss current events through a biblical lens.

TAKEAWAYS airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TBN.

In a recent interview with John Kennedy, Cameron revealed details about the future of his new talk show.

“Just now you said ‘What do you hope people take away from it?’ That’s why we call it TAKEAWAYS because that’s so often what counts – what you take away from an interview, not just being entertained by a good conversation but what are some action steps that we can actually put into practice to make a difference,” he said.

“I’ve felt for a lot of years that I’ve had the opportunity to meet really smart, thoughtful and wise people but, often, they’re in backstage rooms that other people don’t get to be a part of,” Cameron continued. “I’ve always loved interviewing people and wanted to do an interview show that combined the topics that people say you shouldn’t really talk about – and that’s politics and religion.”

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