Danica McKellar Celebrates Her Blessings: ‘God Will Bring So Many Gifts, Big And Small’

Photo from Danica McKellar’s Instagram

Danica McKellar Celebrates Her Blessings: ‘God Will Bring So Many Gifts, Big And Small’

By Movieguide® Contributor

Danica McKellar celebrated God’s blessings in her life in a new Instagram post.

Under a throwback photo of herself appearing on THE WONDER YEARS, McKellar wrote: “See that girl? She’s finishing the final season of The Wonder Years. She’ll worry that her best days are behind her, and has no idea the blessings that are coming her way. There will be challenges and heartache in life, sure… but God will bring so many gifts, big and small, and I’m so excited for her.”

“Some of those gifts have come in the form of getting to work with performers I’ve admired since childhood, like doing a movie with @dollyparton (!) a few years ago, and more recently, sharing the stage with @billnye on #DominoMasters!” she continued.

Movieguide® previously reported on McKellar’s relationship with God:

WONDER YEARS star Danica McKellar got personal in a recent Instagram post where she opened up about her personal relationship with God. 

“Hey everyone! I went live today to share the journey I’ve recently embarked on,” she captioned a lengthy video post. “I’m not here to preach, but I have so much love in my heart I just had to share what I’m experiencing, and to share a little why I believe it’s taken me up to this point to begin this journey.” 

McKellar’s post continued:

In my life, starting in childhood, I had been made aware of all the hypocrisy in the various religions of Christianity, it being used for evil, power & control throughout history, and that had definitely biased me. But that’s just people, that doesn’t represent God’s actual love for us. And I can tell you I’m experiencing a relationship with God and Jesus that I’ve never had before, and it feels miraculous. And it all started one evening when I was struggling with the idea of forgiveness and DM’d my good friend @candacecbure about a passage from the Bible she had read on her instastories, and then she sent me a Bible, and invited me to church… I am wishing all of you the love & freedom I feel in my heart on this journey, and a beautiful Sunday!! 

The actress recently joined the GAC Family network, making her debut in THE WINTER PALACE. Movieguide® previously reported on McKellar’s decision to join the network:

McKellar signed a multi-picture deal with GAC, so fans of THE WINTER PALACE can expect to see McKellar in more GAC Family movies down the road.

“It’s been really exciting. I have been technically a producer on some of my past movies, but this is different. This is much more hands-on,” she explained. “I was heavily involved.”

“I’ve been acting since I was a child, back on THE WONDER YEARS. I’ve had so many experiences as an actress, but this has been the most fulfilling so far,” she added. “And I’m really excited about what I get to do moving forward on GAC family as well.”