LEGACIES Actor Ventures to Sea of Galilee and Asks Believers to Meet With Jesus in Humility

Photo from Nathaniel Buzolic’s Instagram

LEGACIES Actor Ventures to Sea of Galilee and Asks Believers to Meet With Jesus in Humility

By Movieguide® Contributor

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, THE ORIGINALS and LEGACIES star Nathaniel Buzolic shared a picture from a recent visit to Galilee, celebrating his faith and the path God has laid out for him. 

“The starting place with Jesus while in this world is always in humility – and in humility the believer will be blessed,” the actor captioned a photo of wooden boats floating on the Sea of Galilee. 

“The ending place with Jesus while in this world is always persecution and in the persecution the believer will be blessed,” he continued. “We the believers of Jesus must humbly realize our ways are not God’s ways. And we the believers of Jesus Must come to realize a world which has been at Odds with God from the beginning must also be at odds with God’s people till the end.”

“We the believers will be tested, targeted and taunted if we choose to remain on the narrow path,” Buzolic warned followers. “Remember – no other path provides peace like the path that leads us to the prince of peace.”

“A morning on the Galilee can act as a simple reminder. We have another opportunity to walk in the spirit of the LORD. Jesus took His disciples out on these waters to soften hardened hearts,” he concluded. 


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Movieguide® previously reported on Buzolic’s desire to share his faith with his social media followers:

Buzolic previously shared in an Instagram post why he believes the Bible is an essential tool in all Christian’s lives.

“God’s word and reading God’s word, simply allows you access to enjoy further understand and enjoy His character and nature. There isn’t one verse or one book in the Bible that does that better then another, it’s every word God combined as a whole that will truly make you fall in love with who He reveals He is,” he wrote. “No one will fall in love with God without knowing him. Just as you can’t truly fall in love with another person without truly knowing them inside and out.

“If your relationship today with God is somehow lacking, more then likely it’s because your understanding of who He is, is lacking,” he added. “So open up His word & live in it so you can live for it every single day. Love is a beautiful thing, and the Christian’s journey should be a NEVER ENDING discovery of Our lord and our God – the HOLY FATHER & HIS PERFECTLY Sent son – Jesus.”

More recently, Buzolic shared highlights from his recent trip across Croatia and Greece, stopping at significant historical sights from the Bible.

While at the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian located on the island of Patmos, Buzolic shared the story of John.

“The Last surviving disciple of Jesus was Here on the island of Patmos on account of the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus,” Buzolic wrote. “John is responsible for recording the gospel of John, first, second & third John as well as the book of revelation which outlines the conclusion of God’s story of redemption & judgment on an evil world.”