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HACKSAW RIDGE Actor Nathaniel Buzolic Shares the Gospel From Biblical Landmark

Photo from Nathaniel Buzolic’s Instagram

HACKSAW RIDGE Actor Nathaniel Buzolic Shares the Gospel From Biblical Landmark

By Movieguide® Staff

Hollywood Actor Nathaniel Buzolic, known for his role in HACKSAW RIDGE, has taken a break from acting to share the truths of God’s Word to his 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

Buzolic recently embarked on a 40-day long journey to read through the entire Bible and invited his followers to complete the challenge alongside him.

“I am going to take on another Bible challenge. Entire Bible, Cover to cover in 40 days,” Buzolic wrote on his Instagram in May. “Reading requirements will be a minimum of 2 hours everyday for 40 days. If you would like to join me I’m starting on this Wednesday the 5th of May till the 14th of June.”

Buzolic previously shared in an Instagram post why he believes the Bible is an essential tool in all Christian’s lives.

“God’s word and reading God’s word, simply allows you access to enjoy further understand and enjoy His character and nature. There isn’t one verse or one book in the Bible that does that better then another, it’s every word God combined as a whole that will truly make you fall in love with who He reveals He is,” he wrote. “No one will fall in love with God without knowing him. Just as you can’t truly fall in love with another person without truly knowing them inside and out.

“If your relationship today with God is somehow lacking, more then likely it’s because your understanding of who He is, is lacking,” he added. “So open up His word & live in it so you can live for it every single day. Love is a beautiful thing, and the Christian’s journey should be a NEVER ENDING discovery of Our lord and our God – the HOLY FATHER & HIS PERFECTLY Sent son – Jesus.”

More recently, Buzolic shared highlights from his recent trip across Croatia and Greece, stopping at significant historical sights from the Bible.

While at the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian located on the island of Patmos, Buzolic shared the story of John.

“The Last surviving disciple of Jesus was Here on the island of Patmos on account of the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus,” Buzolic wrote. “John is responsible for recording the gospel of John, first, second & third John as well as the book of revelation which outlines the conclusion of God’s story of redemption & judgment on an evil world.”

Buzolic quoted John 1 and reflected on the victory over death that is in Christ Jesus.

“The Evil one has ruled & seduced the will of men long enough. BUT God is taking back His Good world once He has established a people worthy of His kingdom,” Buzolic reflected. “Those who confess that the Goodness of the Son is the ONLY reason they are saved, those who humbly accept the impossibility of any salvation without the Blood offering of the Son are those who are worthy of God’s forgiveness. Seek Jesus.”

In a separate post, Buozlic warned against the teachings of false religions.

“Only One God has ever foretold future events thousands of years before they have come to pass and only one God has ever come with a detailed explanation as to How the wickedness of this world will finally be judged, How evil men and women will be separated from the kingdom of God forever & How God’s elect will be saved and made new in Christ,” he explained.

“Other false beliefs have come to try to hijack what Jesus revealed to John, but you would expect this from the devil, His only strategy since the beginning was to distort the truth. Which means the truth comes first and then the devil comes with His distortion of truth or ‘new religion,'” he added. “Here on the island of Patmos Jesus came to the last surviving disciple John revealing Two things; Jesus in His full glory and what was to come, or how this world was going to come to an end.”

Buzolic noted that God’s judgment is not without God’s mercy.

“Unjust? Not at all, God has given you a chance to be saved. Simply come to Jesus,” he encouraged. “For the Christian this book confirms everything we believe and cling to. Jesus says He is the Alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. That He will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of water of life without cost.”

“The promises made by Jesus in this book are faithful and true. My time might end before these events happen, but I can tell you one thing we are getting closer to Our king returning,” he added. “Seek him, believe in Him and have your name recorded in the book of life. Nothing else matters.”



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