THE MATTER OF LIFE’s Tracy Robinson on Abortion: ‘The Church Has An Opportunity To Be The Hands And Feet Of Jesus’

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THE MATTER OF LIFE’s Tracy Robinson on Abortion: ‘The Church Has An Opportunity To Be The Hands And Feet Of Jesus’

By Movieguide® Staff

Director and producer Tracy Robinson wants to help people see the truth about the pro-choice and pro-life debate with a new movie, THE MATTER OF LIFE.

Robinson, a former “pro-choice Christian,” said that her opinion changed after spending time as a contractor in a pregnancy resource center and hearing apologist Alan Shlemon speak about abortion.

“When it came to the abortion issue — even as an evangelical Christian — I was still very on-the-fence and apathetic at best,” Robinson told The Christian Post. “I felt that I was personally pro-life, but it seemed wrong to try to enforce my preference onto others.

“The truth struck me,” she added. “That evening, I felt the vision to make this message into a feature-length documentary that was downloaded to me. I knew there were so many young adults in my shoes who deserved to be informed but never were — perhaps they attended public school and neither their family nor their church ever broached the topic.”

Robinson said that once her view changed, she learned about how abortion became legalized.

“I didn’t know about Roe v. Wade or the truth behind Planned Parenthood. In reading books and watching Youtube, I discovered a multi-faceted pro-life movement and many powerful and redeeming stories therein,” she said. “And I wanted to tell that story, too.”

That is what Robinson set out to accomplish in her documentary movie, THE MATTER OF LIFE. A portion of Movieguide®’s review reads:

THE MATTER OF LIFE is a documentary that opens the viewers’ minds to question what they think they about abortion. The documentary is informative and filled with fascinating testimonies and interviews of authors and pro-life advocates. They ask big questions that make the audience think, such as: are the unborn like one of us, does every person have the right to life? The movie features real life testimonies of gynecologists who explain different abortion procedures. It explains the history of abortion, including the history of Planned Parenthood and the Roe vs. Wade case. Included is actual footage from aborted fetuses in the early weeks of pregnancy.

THE MATTER OF LIFE does a good job weaving the history of abortion with recent interviews of people from Planned Parenthood and activists who publicly support abortion as well as people who don’t. The use of color enhances the movie, with black and white photos of the people behind legalizing abortion. THE MATTER OF LIFE has a strong Christian worldview, with Bible verses and moral discussions. MOVIEGUIDE® advises extreme caution for the gruesome abortion images and adult discussion in THE MATTER OF LIFE.

While abortion is one of the most divisive and hot-button issues today, Robinson wanted to explore the truth.

“I didn’t want ‘The Matter of Life’ to convey the pro-life message while condemning people or ‘leaving bodies behind,’ so to speak,” she said. “I wanted ‘The Matter of Life’ to unravel the abortion issue rather than preach to the choir or speak to an audience that’s already convinced. And I didn’t want to be abrasive in the messaging … in a way that would ‘leave bodies behind’ in the process of disseminating truth.”

“I wanted the film to address valid concerns that people have regarding the issue while being sympathetic to those concerns,” she added.

Robinson also called on the church to step in and offer hope rather than condemn.

“From the beginning, I knew that my target audience would be Christians because, at the very least, those are the people that would be willing to watch the film,” she explained. “In the film, Roland Warren, CEO of Care Net, makes the point that ‘this is an issue for us as Christians, … We need to overturn Roe v. Wade in our own pews.’ It occurred to me that this film was being made in order to be a rallying cry for more Christians to confront the issue of abortion.

“The Church has a great opportunity to love their congregation 40% more when it comes to the abortion crisis — by serving people in need whether they are facing a pregnancy or a troubling memory of abortion in their past,” Robinson continued. “I’m happy to say that many people who have watched the film at a pre-screening have been inspired and compelled to action.

“The church has an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in approaching the abortion crisis in our communities,” she added. “When we actively try to rescue people’s children from abortion, we model His grace, in that Christ saved us when we could not save ourselves. And no matter what burden we carry of sin and shame, He is powerful to forgive and carry that weight on the cross forever.”