On the Hunt Again: Robertson Family Returns to TV in DUCK FAMILY TREASURE

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On the Hunt Again: Robertson Family Returns to TV in DUCK FAMILY TREASURE

By Movieguide® Contributor

The Robertson family returned to reality TV on June 19 in DUCK FAMILY TREASURE, which follows brothers Jase and Jep, Uncle Si and expert treasure hunter Murray Crowe as the team seeks buried treasures. 

“Along the way, I learned that [treasure hunting] was more about the people you were with instead of actually what we were finding, and the next thing you know, we’re doing a TV show about it,” Jase told Fox & Friends Weekend. 

The Robertson family’s history with Movieguide® dates back to 2014 when DUCK DYNASTY: TILL DUCK DO US PART won the 2014 Faith & Freedom Award for Television, and Willie Robertson took home the Grace Award® for Television that same year. 

This newest endeavor from the former DUCK DYNASTY stars began after an introduction to metal detecting. “I got introduced to metal detecting, and I introduced Jep, who’s kind of a rookie in our outfit, and we have found an incredible amount of stuff,” says Jase. 

With the help of Uncle Si and Murray Crowe, the brothers search for “cool, historic places. We’ve found stuff thousands of years old…but we look for all kinds of stuff—just whatever we think is cool,” Jep explains. “Murray Crowe, he’s kinda the historical expert of the show and kinda legitimizes what we’re doing,” Jase says, referring to the show’s treasure hunting authority. 

The Robertsons plot their next moves often based on tips from Si. “When we hear some tale, usually from Si, then we check with Murray. He sends it through the historical evidence of it. We come up maps, we come up with a plan, and then we take off and then whatever happens happens. That’s kind of how it works,” Jase describes. 

DUCK FAMILY TREASURE debuted on June 19, and the 10-episode season will air weekly on Fox Nation. 

Movieguide® previously reported on DUCK FAMILY TREASURE: 

The Robertson family, who rose to fame on popular reality show DUCK DYNASTY, are getting ready to launch their newest TV series, DUCK FAMILY TREASURE. 

The 10-part series will be available to stream on Fox Nation in June. 

“Since adding the coveted DUCK DYNASTY series to our platform in 2020, the response from our subscribers proved they were in the market for more,” Jason Klarman, president of Fox Nation, said. “We’re proud to offer this original one-of-a-kind show in addition to our already extensive library of lifestyle and entertainment content.”

The show will follow brothers Jase and Jep Robertson as they search for buried treasure alongside their Uncle Si and history expert, Murray Crowe. Missy and Jessica, Jase and Jep’s wives, and other family members will also appear in episodes. 

Each episode will see the family continue to search for the treasure, showcasing the new people and places they experience, and the lessons they learn along the way.