Matthew West’s New Book Encourages Believers To Rely on God, ‘Who Calls Us Out of the Darkness’

Photo from Matthew West’s Instagram

Matthew West’s New Book Encourages Believers To Rely on God, ‘Who Calls Us Out of the Darkness’

By Movieguide® Staff

Christian artist Matthew West encouraged fellow believers to rely on Christ in the face of the devil and darkness, a subject he addresses in his new book, “The God Who Stays: Life Looks Different with Him by Your Side.”

“Here’s what I know: Throughout history, one of the enemy’s main tactics in people’s lives and to derail us is to isolate us,” West told Faithwire in a recent interview. “The enemy doesn’t just want to knock you down; he wants to keep you down.”

“He’ll knock you down by highlighting how messed up you are, but then he wants to keep you down by making you believe you’re the only one,” West added.

Despite the devil’s attempts to draw Christians away from truth through darkness, West said that God provides healing and restoration in the light of his truth.

“We have a God who calls us out of the darkness and into His marvelous light,” West explained. “In the darkness, in the shadows, that’s where that isolation is, that’s where depression is, that’s where loneliness is, that’s where shame lives — in the shadows.”

Movieguide® previously reported on Matthew West:

Matthew West is opening up about his most recent album and how his faith has influenced his work. The album, titled Brand New, is an homage to West’s new studio, his new recording contract, and the idea of returning back to where it all started.

“On the cover of the album there’s a blue couch,” West shared in an interview with Guideposts. “The reason for that is because that blue couch is a significant moment in my life.”

The couch, which sat in his parents’ living room, was where West was sitting when he became a Christian.

“A lot of these songs are about me wanting to return to that kid on the blue couch who didn’t know much, didn’t know as much as he does now, but just knew…that God was the real author of his story,” West said.

In addition to this, the couch has connections to West’s music. When his parents were saving up to buy the couch, his father took the money and bought West his first guitar instead. With this music, West is hoping to capture those moments of excitement he felt when first discovering music and his faith in God.

“The heartbeat of the record [is] returning to the promises of God,” West said. “It’s like all things [are] moving forward, but also returning to the beauty of that first time faith.”