Erin And Ben Napier Share Details About Their Roles In A CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE

Photo from Erin Napier’s Instagram

Erin And Ben Napier Share Details About Their Roles In A CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE

By Movieguide® Contributor

Fans are used to seeing Erin and Ben Napier appear on their HGTV home improvement show HOME TOWN, but the couple are about to make their movie debut!

The Napiers will appear in A CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE, one of Discovery+’s upcoming holiday movies. 

Before saying yes to the movie, the Napiers turned to friend Ree Drummond, the famous “Pioneer Woman” chef. She starred in CANDY COATED CHRISTMAS last year. 

“(Drummond) said it was one of the most fun things she had ever done,” Erin shared. “She said we had to do it and said we would love it. So, we said, ‘OK, great, we will do it.'”

A CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE follows Katie and David as they attempt to fix up Katie’s mom’s house and sell it — something the Napiers have tons of experience with. 

The couple play Henry and Sarah Wright, a master carpenter and artist, respectively. The characters they played are very similar to the Napiers in real life, and Erin shared that the Wrights say “the same things we would normally say.”

The couple also shared some of the differences between working on HOME TOWN and A CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE. 

“In the first meetings, going way back to when we first were getting a script, There were things I would read that the character who is a woodworker is supposed to say that a woodworker would never say. They would then tell us to go ahead and say what a real woodworker would say,” Ben laughed. “It was fun that we were able to help with that end of it.”

They also had to get used to a lighter workload. On HOME TOWN, the couple have a hand in every single part of the show. 

For A CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE, “We just had to memorize our lines,” Erin said. 

They also had to get used to filming a Christmas movie in the Mississippi heat, wearing hot sweaters and flannel shirts. 

“We would film for a minute and a half and then go straight back into the air conditioning,” Erin shared. 

While Ben and Erin said they don’t think they’ll star in another movie, they have nothing but good things to say about their time working on A CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE. 

“We know we aren’t making an Academy Award-winning movie,” Erin explained. “But we know we are making a movie that will make people happy. It’s going to feel like warm cocoa on a cold day.”