A WEEK AWAY’s Bailee Madison Latest to Join A CINDERELLA STORY Franchise for 6th Movie

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A WEEK AWAY’s Bailee Madison Latest to Join A CINDERELLA STORY Franchise for 6th Movie

By Rebecca Morrison

Actress Bailee Madison stars in the newest adaptation of the classic fairytale Cinderella, A CINDERELLA STORY: STARSTRUCK.

STARSTRUCK is the 6th movie in the A CINDERELLA STORY franchise.

“Bailee Madison has added her name to a list of actors that already included Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale, Sofia Carson and Laura Marano. They have all starred in an installment of ‘A Cinderella Story’ movie series that began in 2004,” KGET reported.

This Cinderella movie has a different twist – it takes place on a farm!

“In Starstruck, Madison’s Cinderella begins her story as small-town farm girl Finley who becomes connected with actor Jackson Stone (Michael Evans Behling) while his movie is filming in her Idaho town,” ENews wrote. “After her audition for the big-budget flick goes sideways, Finley channels Amanda Bynes in She’s the Man—and lands a role while undercover as a cowboy named Huck. Yes, it’s ridiculous and adorable. Throughout, Finley dreams of stardom that will take her away from evil stepmother (April Telek) and step-siblings Saffron (Lillian Doucet-Roche) and Kale (Richard Harmon).”

Although there is a new twist to this CINDERELLA STORY movie, it will keep all the original values from previous installations.

“She sees the film as the kind of positive message the world needs now after such a long period of darkness. And, that comes through how the film maintains the sweetness of the original fairytale but adds a modern touch that will make it accessible to young and old,” KGET added.

Madison, 21, said she watched the movies as a child AND is fulfilling a childhood dream by playing the role of Cinderella. She also previously played young Snow White for the series ONCE UPON A TIME.

The A WEEK AWAY star, who is admittedly a “genuine fan of the franchise,” grew up watching Duff’s original A CINDERELLA STORY.

“It’s so timeless,” Madison told E! News. “They’ve done a beautiful job creating new versions of Cinderella. I feel like a lot of girls are able to relate to at least one of the Cinderella’s in it, so I love that.”

“My younger self wouldn’t believe this was happening because the movies meant so much to me when I was growing up,” she added.

A CINDERELLA STORY: STARSTRUCK is available now on Digital and DVD.

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