Actor Kellan Lutz and Wife Brittany Welcome Their Daughter: ‘God Redeems. He Restores’

Photo from Brittany Lutz Instagram

Actor Kellan Lutz and Wife Brittany Welcome Their Daughter: ‘God Redeems. He Restores’

By Movieguide® Staff

On Feb. 22, Brittany and Kellan Lutz welcomed their first child, daughter Ashtyn Lilly Lutz: “She’s here!!!!”

Brittany Lutz, 32, announced the news on Instagram with a post of three polaroids of her new family.

“The day she came into the world it was snowing, raining, and freezing, but that night she was born and we woke up to sun, clear skies, and winter melting away,” Lutz wrote.

She continued, “It was so symbolic considering this time last year was literally winter for our souls only to be met one year later with the brightest sunshine.”

Brittany referenced last February when she suffered a pregnancy loss after seven months. Despite their past tragedy, the EMBRACED WITH GRACE PODCAST host pointed her followers to the healing power of God.

“[Ashtyn] ushered in a new season for us and we love her beyond comprehension,” Brittany wrote. “God redeems. He restores. He never leaves us broken-hearted, we just have to give Him the broken pieces and what He turns it into? Wow.”

Kellan Lutz reposted his wife’s announcement, adding, “Birth is amazing!!!♥️🙏.”

Throughout Brittany’s pregnancy with Ashtyn, she held to her faith in God.

Movieguide® previously reported:

In February 2020, the couple announced the tragic news that they had lost their baby seven months into Brittany’s pregnancy.

“The weeks that followed were rough. I was trying to wrap my head around everything that had happened. One minute I was creating a birth plan, the next I’m lucky to be alive and on birth control bc if I got pregnant again I could die. Um, what? How was this my life? I had so much invested in the ‘next chapter’ of our lives and it was literally HERE. Until it wasn’t. I was confused. We were broken,” Brittany said.

Despite the immense loss, Brittany held fast to her faith in God.

“But the one thing I did intentionally was try to give God EVERYTHING. Not just the things I understood or felt comfortable giving Him,” Brittany said. “Did I want to know the reasons? Yes. Was I tempted to go into dark, dark spirals of depression and disappointment because of all I had lost? Yes.”

Brittany continued: “But I knew God could only trade the ashes for beauty if they were in His hands. As long as I was holding onto my pain He couldn’t turn it into purpose.”

Brittany added: “I don’t know why bad things happen. But I do know I’ve walked through them with God and solo and every single time I’ve invited Him into the pain rather than blaming Him for it, I have experienced life on a level I could literally NEVER have imagined.”

Brittany is excited for the incredible gift of a baby girl and said that God used her experience to strengthen her faith and marriage.

“One year to the day later I sit here 35 weeks pregnant with the most incredible gift in my belly. My marriage stronger than ever. My faith stronger than ever. And to think I’d have none of this had I not walked through that,” Brittany concluded.