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Alice Cooper: People Avoid Believing in Jesus Because They ‘Don’t Want to Give Up Their Godship’

Screenshot from Greg Laurie’s Instagram

Alice Cooper: People Avoid Believing in Jesus Because They ‘Don’t Want to Give Up Their Godship’

By Movieguide® Staff

Harvest Christian Fellowship pastor and Christian author Greg Laurie recently discussed music, Jesus, and rock-n-roll with Alice Cooper.

“Had an amazing time today with my friend, Alice Cooper in Arizona,” Laurie posted on Facebook. “Alice talks about the emptiness of the life of the pursuit of fame and how he found everything he is looking for in his relationship with Christ. There is a lot of lore told about Alice, some true, some fiction. But I can tell you, having spent time today and other times I have been with him, this guy knows the Lord!”

In a follow-up post, Laurie shared some of their conversation on Facebook where the rocker explained why Jesus is the most important part of his life.

“He’s not preached enough,” Cooper told Laurie. “[He’s] the most written about character of all time in history, and yet people go out of their way to not believe in Him.”

When Laurie questioned why Cooper thought that was the case, the 73-year-old noted that people are unwilling to surrender their lives to Christ.

“I think it’s because they don’t want to give up their godship,” Cooper said. “They believe the Hollywood version of ‘Oh, I do more good than bad,’ that kind of thing. And I go ‘boy, Satan has you right where he wants you, to believe that.'”

Cooper then quoted John 14:6 and said that he, his wife, and his children live their lives trusting that Jesus is the only way to salvation.

“Because ‘I’m the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no one comes to the Father but by Me,’ those are the truest words ever spoken,” Cooper explained. “How can you deny that? So, as far as I’m concerned, my life is based on that now. It’s not based on my rock and roll, it allows me to be a rock and roller, but, ‘follow Me.'”

“So my wife and I both, our kids, is a Christian lifestyle. But again, it’s the old saying ‘Why should the devil have all the good music.’ Yeah, there’s a lot of Christian rockers out there, I just happen to be the most vocal,” he concluded with a laugh.

Movieguide® previously reported:

Cooper told Harvest Crusade’s Greg Laurie that his wife only took him back on the condition that he go to church.

“I knew that there had to either come a point where I either accepted Christ and started living that life, or, if I died in this, I was in a lot of trouble,” Cooper said. “That’s what really motivated me. I just got to a point of saying I’m tired of this life and I know that [God] is right. When the Lord opens your eyes and you suddenly realize who you are and who He is, oh, it’s a whole different world.”

Cooper elaborated in his interview with Page Six.

“I never went to AA,” he said. “Everyone said, ‘Oh you have such great willpower,’ I said, ‘No, God has great willpower. He took it from me.’ My dad was a pastor, my grandad was a pastor, Sheryl’s dad was a pastor. I had such strong prayer for me. Even the doctor said, ‘This is an absolute miracle.’ I said, ‘Why?’ They said, ‘Well, you should be hiding bottles all over the house and you should be sneaking drugs.’ I said, ‘I have absolutely no desire for that at all.'”

It’s all because he found ultimate satisfaction in Jesus.

“People say Alice Cooper is a rebel,” Cooper tells Laurie, “But there was never more of a rebel than Jesus Christ.”