Rockstar Alice Cooper Credits God and Prayer for Overcoming Addiction

Photo from Alice Cooper’s Instagram: Tim Burton (left) and Alice Cooper (right)

Rockstar Alice Cooper Credits God and Prayer for Overcoming Addiction

By Movieguide® Staff

Although Rock star Alice Cooper is eccentric on stage, he credits his faith in God and the power of prayer for helping him stay sober.

Cooper, who married Sheryl Goddard in 1976, is also loyal to his family. The couple shares daughters Sonora and Calico and son Dashiell.

“My grandparents were married 76 years, my parents were married over 50 years, my wife’s parents were married over 50 years,” Cooper told Page Six. “To me when you got married, that was it. I always tell people don’t marry the person you love, marry the person you’re in love with, that means you would never do anything to hurt that person.”

However, Cooper struggled with addiction to alcohol and threatened to destroy their marriage. In November 1983, Goddard filed for divorce, but the couple reconciled about a year later.

Although Cooper’s alcoholism did not manifest itself with him getting angry or unable to complete his shows, it was killing him on the inside.

“Internally my pancreas and liver were being destroyed,” Cooper explained. “I woke up one morning and I threw up blood and that’s how I kind of knew it was over. My wife grabbed my ear and said, ‘Hey, the party’s over.'”

Cooper told Harvest Crusade’s Greg Laurie that his wife only took him back on the condition that he go to church.

“I knew that there had to either come a point where I either accepted Christ and started living that life, or, if I died in this, I was in a lot of trouble,” Cooper said. “That’s what really motivated me. I just got to a point of saying I’m tired of this life and I know that [God] is right. When the Lord opens your eyes and you suddenly realize who you are and who He is, oh, it’s a whole different world.”

Cooper elaborated in his interview with Page Six.

“I never went to AA,” he said. “Everyone said, ‘Oh you have such great willpower,’ I said, ‘No, God has great willpower. He took it from me.’ My dad was a pastor, my grandad was a pastor, Sheryl’s dad was a pastor. I had such strong prayer for me. Even the doctor said, ‘This is an absolute miracle.’ I said, ‘Why?’ They said, ‘Well, you should be hiding bottles all over the house and you should be sneaking drugs.’ I said, ‘I have absolutely no desire for that at all.'”

It’s all because he found ultimate satisfaction in Jesus.

“People say Alice Cooper is a rebel,” Cooper tells Laurie, “But there was never more of a rebel than Jesus Christ.”

Watch him share his testimony with Laurie in the video below.


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