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Apple Removes Bible App After Pressure From Communist Regime

Apple Removes Bible App After Pressure From Communist Regime

By Movieguide® Staff

Under pressure from China’s communist regime, Apple removed both the Bible and Quran apps from China’s App Store.

“Olive Tree Bible Software was informed during the App Store review process that we are required to provide a permit demonstrating our authorization to distribute an app with book or magazine content in mainland China,” a spokesperson from Olive Tree told the Washington Examiner. “Since we did not have the permit and needed to get our app update approved and out to customers, we removed our Bible app from China’s App Store. We are currently reviewing the requirements to obtain the necessary permit with the hope that we can restore our app to China’s App Store and continue to distribute the Bible worldwide.”

Apple says the decision to remove the apps comes from its Human Rights Policy, which says: “We’re required to comply with local laws, and at times there are complex issues about which we may disagree with governments and other stakeholders on the right path forward. ”

The apps’ removal is alarming as Big Tech continues to cower to false worldviews.

“By obeying the Chinese Communist Party’s order to remove Bible and Quran apps from its platform in China, Apple is enabling China’s religious persecution, including the ongoing genocide of Uyghur Muslims. This decision must be reversed,” said Edward Ahmed Mitchell, national deputy director for Council for American-Islamic Relations. “If American corporations don’t grow a spine and stand up to China right now, they risk spending the next century subservient to the whims of a fascist superpower.”

Movieguide® previously reported on China’s digital censorship dominance:

With more than 415 million surveillance cameras operating across the country, China’s populace is “by far the world’s most-watched,” according to CBN News.

From frequent digital interactions to the little details amid the daily grind, the activities of the whole nation fall under the nearly-constant scrutiny of the ever watchful Communist polity.

In talking with CBN News, Geoffrey Cain, author of The Perfect Police State: An Undercover Odyssey into China’s Terrifying Surveillance Dystopia of the Future, collectively described these procedures as “a massive dragnet based on artificial intelligence, facial recognition, voice recognition, these are all novel technologies that the Chinese communist party is deploying against its people.”

Apple isn’t the first to cater to the communist agenda, though.

YouTube was under fire for censoring comments that insulted China’s Communist Party.